tata technologies ipo know about the gmp price band and expected launch date


New Delhi: The IPO of another company of Tata Group of veteran industrialist Ratan Tata is going to be launched in the market soon. This IPO of Tata Group is coming after almost 20 years. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this. This IPO will be of Tata Group company Tata Technologies (Tata Technologies IPO). Tata Technologies IPO had submitted draft papers to SEBI to bring its IPO in the month of March this year. According to media reports, the Tata Technologies IPO has been approved by the market regulator SEBI a month in advance.

Ever since getting approval for IPO (Initial Public Offering) from SEBI, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the investors. According to experts, after getting approval from SEBI for the IPO, the company may take one to two months regarding its launch date. Only after this it will announce the price band of the IPO.

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What is GMP

According to the draft paper, the company (Tata Technologies) will sell about 9.57 crore shares through this IPO. Out of this, Tata Motors will sell its share worth Rs 8.11 crore. In the remaining shares, Alpha TC Holdings will sell 97.2 lakh shares and Tata Capital Growth Fund 1 will sell 48.6 lakh shares from its holding. According to market experts, this IPO is currently trading at GMP of Rs.100. According to media reports, the price band of this IPO can be fixed by the company between Rs 280 and Rs 320.

what does the company do

This IPO of the company will be completely Offer For Sale i.e. the promoters of the company are going to sell their stake through this IPO. Please tell that Tata Technologies is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. It provides services for aerospace, auto, industry heavy machinery. The business of this company is spread in many countries of the world.

The stock of this company of Ratan Tata had fallen on its face, now there is a lot of loot to buy stock, the prices are increasing rapidly.

When did the last IPO come

Let us tell you that before this the IPO of any company of Tata Group came in the year 2004. Then the IPO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was brought. TCS is the second most valuable company in the country today. Let us tell you that Tata Technologies is one of the world’s leading companies in the digital, engineering and technical services sector.

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