TCS Salary Hike: TCS gave good news to the employees by increasing the salary, the best performer got a salary hike of up to 15%.


TCS Rolls Out Salary Hike: Veteran IT company Tata Consultancy Services has announced that it has increased the salary of its employees. Despite the slowdown in the IT sector due to the global economic crisis, TCS has increased the annual salary of its employees with effect from April 1, 2023.

During the announcement of the first quarter results, TCS CFO Sameer Seksaria said that the company has increased the annual salary of employees from April 1, 2023. He told that the impact of 200 basis points on the 23.2 percent operating margin is being seen due to the increase in salary. TCS’s Miling Lakkar told that the company has given a salary hike of 12 to 15 per cent to the best performers. Apart from this, promotion has also been given.

TCS added 523 new employees during the first quarter of April to June. The company said that the attrition rate has come down. This means that the number of people resigning from the company has come down. By June 30, 2023, the number of TCS employees has increased to 6,15,318. Due to the global crisis and slowdown in the IT sector, there is a decrease in recruitment.

The company said that citizens of 154 countries are deployed in TCS as workforce, of which 35.8 per cent are women. Milind Lakkad said that our focus is on developing, retaining and rewarding the best talent. He told that 55 percent of the workforce is now coming to office three days a week.

There has been news of salary hike in TCS, while earlier it was told in some media reports that another IT giant Infosys has postponed the decision of salary hike. It is believed to be the result of the global crisis on the IT sector.

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