Teachers Day 2023: This wise life is made by meeting the criteria of parents and teachers


Modern education system shook the foundation of Gurukul education system. The irony is that the modern education system has become expensive and time-consuming year by year. This gave rise to esoteric knowledge, which promoted unemployment among the unqualified but degree holders.

The great aim of education is knowledge and action. Here knowledge refers to theoretical education and karma refers to practical education. By the way, Gurukul education system based on Guru-disciple tradition has been very popular in India since ancient times, under which both theoretical and practical education of knowledge and skills of life-world was given to the disciples simultaneously by the Guru. There are many such skillful works in this country where even today this method is maintaining its existence traditionally in worldly education, which is a matter of pride for the knowledgeable and virtuous people.

But the irony is that the modern education system developed by the British officer Lord Macaulay as an alternative to the Gurukul education system during the colonial period, providing diverse knowledge and skills through schools, colleges, universities, technical education and research institutes. Different types of degrees started being distributed and employment started coming from the same. In this way, the modern education system shook the foundation of the Gurukul education system. The irony is that the modern education system has become expensive and time-consuming year by year. This gave rise to esoteric knowledge, which promoted unemployment among the unqualified but degree holders.

In other words, where the Gurukul education system was simple, easy and accessible to all, the modern education system became complex, cumbersome, tedious and boring, which created disinterest among the students. The result was that the number of degree holders in the society kept on increasing, but the number of virtuous and investigative (investigators) persons went on decreasing drastically. The itching in the leprosy is that less educated professionals kept replacing the talented people, due to which the fabric of the society was also deeply affected. To put it plainly, there has been continuous erosion of human values ​​and immense increase in monetary values, which is not in everyone’s control. The modern education system and the various inventions made by it trampled the rural economy and the rural self-reliance gradually ended. The increasing dependence of the villages on the cities gave birth to many types of anomalies, in which the discussion of adulteration, profiteering and inflation is going on till date. Expenditure on medical education can be taken as an example. There are many other professional education whose fees are beyond the reach of lower middle class families.

It is a matter of fact that the ruling Narendra Modi government at the center has understood this meaning and is making tireless efforts to coordinate both the education systems through the new education policy. She is cultivating the virtues of both the education systems and promoting the practice of forgetting the useless things. Due to which a vast positive change will be seen in the society in the coming 5-10 years. It is a matter of happiness that the Modi government has taken some concrete initiatives to raise the standard of living of artisans/craftsmen after farmers, laborers, which will further encourage professional work based on Guru-shishya parampara and speed up the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. You will get strength from both.

Since 5th September is Teacher’s Day, I have raised this topic to give a decisive turn to the state of your thinking, which is also our administrative and social responsibility. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to remember my dearest friends, companions of my struggle and teachers who awakened my conscience and made me socially oriented, so that everyone remains grateful to their friends and teachers. I feel blessed to remember the most respected great teachers, who provided excellence from primary education to higher education and remained the conductor of my intellectual and practical development. Such gurus who keep attracting my mind because of their silent grace and excellent dedication towards teaching, are adorable. In the role of such a guru, the name of my heart heart, education emperor Param Shraddha Acharya Professor Shriyut Jagdamba Singh is foremost, who laid the foundation stone for the construction of my youth and became its pillar conductor.

Here humbly I want to make it clear that I am not saying that I am supreme but whatever I am, whatever I am, I am in contemporary democracy with the blessings of my dearest parents and teachers, would not have been excellent Despite being there, I am not low. I am respected and a watchdog of democracy and have got the opportunity to discharge an important responsibility in Indian democracy for public interest and public welfare. To reach this height, I am grateful to my late parents and teachers who are no more and those who are there. With tears in my eyes, I want to say that the first Guru of this mortal world is the parents and the second Guru is the one who imparts education and initiation according to eligibility, despite having a long chain, some selected Gurus attract the mind. Takes, hypnotizes. That’s why it has been said that-

Guru is all the four Vedas, Guru is all the Puranas.

By giving education, everyone’s welfare is being done.

Remove all ignorance, by giving light of knowledge.

Guru always destroys illiteracy.

Since the country’s second President Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan was born on 5 September 1888, and in his honor this day is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day”. In the same sequence, on this day, the tradition of paying homage to the contribution, contribution and superiority of the gurus by showing the original expression of respect by their dear students towards their teachers is going on. By the way, this tradition of respect towards the Guru has been going on for ages and its importance has been mentioned in our scriptures about the glory of the Guru.

The importance of Guru has been expressed in different ways from literature to scriptures, some of which I am presenting here-

Guru Kumhar Shish Kumbh is, Gadhi-gadhi kadha khot.

Support the inner hand, hurt outside.

Guru is not like a giver, but a beggar is like a head.

The wealth of three worlds, so Guru Dinhi Daan.

Knowledge does not arise without a Guru, salvation is not attained without a Guru.

Truth cannot be written without a Guru, faults cannot be erased without a Guru.

Guru Pad Raj Mridu Manjul Anjan.

Eyes, Amiya Drig Dosh Vibhjan.

(The saliva of Guru Maharaj’s feet is soft and beautiful Nayanamrit Anjan, which destroys the defects of the eyes.)

Gururbrahma Gururvishnu: Gururdevo Maheshwar.

Gurursakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah.

The root of meditation, the idol of worship, the root of Guru: Padam.

Mantra Moolam Gururvakyam Mokshamoolam Guru: Grace.

Akhandamandalakaram yen Characharam.

Tatpadam Darshit Yen Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah.

Dharmagyo dharmakarta cha always dharma parayan.

Tatvebhya: Guru ruchyate to the country of all scriptures.

(One who knows Dharma, conducts according to Dharma, follows Dharma and orders the elements from all the scriptures is called a Guru.)

The above-mentioned glory of the Guru described in the religious texts, the subject of his importance, is not limited and defined by the excellence of knowledge-based education, but with thematic education, the education of conduct, morality, dutifulness, discipline and sense of duty, by the Gurus through whom thematic education (Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English, Humanities / Human Science) etc., he made a supernatural effort to save his students by giving such a blessing, whose blessed words remain with education forever. Subjective education is gradually forgotten and only moral-behavioral education, which makes the personality of an individual, remains intact. I have also received more or less similar education from my teachers in every educational phase of my life. Although I could not implement all the teachings in my personality, but I am definitely successful in becoming a citizen of a good democracy by imbibing countless teachings.

One more thing, not all intellectuals are sages in true sense, experts do not even have the custom of falling in the category of sages. Various professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers and journalists, they are not intellectuals, they are experts. But from my personal experience, he is also equal to them and in many respects better than them and those who did not get the opportunity to study due to natural or economic poverty or for whom studies were not important. Because his skill was low in front of that skill even after the qualification of education, who could not do work worthy of that talent even after spending lakhs of crores of rupees, which could be useful for the construction of a talent and house. Is. They are plumber, painter, mason, carpenter, washerman, cobbler, cook etc. Everyone knows that their studies are not done in any school, college and universities, that’s why no university is giving this degree till now.

It is worth mentioning that these degrees have excellence in the creation of self-reliant India of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, because there should be education for degrees on the basis of complete category, otherwise only a few people of the society will develop, while the remaining migration and deep education of crime. I can’t express what they will do by accepting it, and experts do the work of turning inert substances, changing their external form. But he does not study from any higher education institute IIT or AIIMS or Management Institute, rather he takes education from his master, who does not study in any professional educational institute but from such skilled-experienced and discipline-loving master, mechanic, barber. , carpenters and artisans etc. take education. In the society, they are called laborers.

Whereas, Manishi is the one who transforms the consciousness of man. What disturbs his mind is that doctors, lawyers and engineers who, apart from their profession, also do this work, must be sages. But not because they are professionally intelligent, but because they stir up human knowledge and emotion. It is for such professional doctor, engineer and lawyer who does not give preference to money, but is sensitive to social service. In fact, Manishi is the one who takes upon himself the brunt of social life in the struggle of ideas and in return is giving the society the basis of better ideas, practices and life values. One who weighs past, future and present and being sensitive to humanity and the nation works for the welfare of the society by weighing himself on the test of discipline.

– Dr. Dinesh Chandra Singh

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