Technical Fault In UK Air Traffic Control System Minister Denies Cyber ​​Security Incident


London: The British government said on Tuesday that a technical glitch in Britain’s air traffic control system that affected hundreds of flights and delayed thousands of air travelers has been fixed, but air routes will remain affected for some days. Transport Minister Mark Harper insisted there was no cyber security issue behind Monday’s technical glitch. Harper said the technical issue has been resolved, but flights will remain affected as their schedules are affected and stranded passengers are being accommodated on alternative flights.

A technical fault with the country’s air traffic control system caused several flights to be canceled on Monday, British media said, and Heathrow Airport said its schedule would be disrupted for the rest of the day as more flights were cancelled. The National Air Traffic Services (NATS) said that the technical fault affected the automated process of flight planning and many tasks had to be done manually, due to which the process was slow. NATS did not specify the reason for the failure.

500 flights affected

After fixing the fault, NATS said it is working closely with airlines and airports to manage affected flights as quickly as possible. The situation is returning to normal and our engineers will carefully monitor the functioning of the system. The disruption occurred during the busiest days of the year when many people are returning from summer vacations. More than 500 flights were affected in this. Harper told ‘Sky News’, ‘This has not happened in the last decade. In general the system works very well.

thousands of people affected

“Our technical experts have looked into this and are clear that this is not a cyber security incident,” he said. “The system was restored yesterday (Monday) afternoon and things are returning to normal, but people will still be experiencing some disruption today and I know thousands of people have been affected,” Harper said. He said that there would be an independent review of the developments and the report could come in the coming days. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Harper has been in constant communication with everyone in the industry and will speak to airline companies on Tuesday.

“We have identified and rectified the technical problem that affected our flight planning system on Monday morning,” NATS said. We are working closely with airlines and airports to manage affected flights as quickly as possible. Passengers stranded due to the development also include members of the British team attending the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

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