Temples should also become centers of power along with devotion


Only one thousand years old is a great tragedy of our country. Who does not know that whenever the Mughals attacked our country including Aurangzeb, their first task was to break the temples, insult women, kidnap and forcibly convert their religion. It was the self-strength and faith of the millions of people of our country that they kept giving their heads, but did not give their self-respect. Who doesn’t know that from Mohammad Ghaznavi, but even before that, from Mir Qasim in the eighth century, all the people who came to attack, not only attacked, but also insulted daughters-in-law. Rulers like Aurangzeb continued to rule this country, their only work was to destroy temples, kill youths, cut throats of those who do not become Muslims in the middle of the market, and with this culture, foreign invaders like Genghis, Timur, Nadishah, with our society Tortured, not just injustice. Hindus in India continued to pay Jizya and lived not only second class, but extremely hellish life in the hands of the Mughals. We have been a living community, we have also been brilliant. They kept fighting and dying, but when the opportunity came to stand united in front of the enemy, some would have joined with the foreign heretics, some would have kept fighting among themselves, and would not have been able to unite. One of the major reasons for this was also that our temples, places of worship, places of worship remained centers of devotion, but very few could become centers of power. It is true that along with Maharani Jhansi, many Naga Saints unitedly fought against the British, were successful to a large extent and also gave their lives, but when we look at the 11th century, Mahmud Ghaznavi’s Shri Somnath Temple When we read the sad tragedy of the invasion, it is felt that after all we were lacking something. In Somnathji’s temple it is said that thousands of people were worshiping at the time of the attack and more than 400 priests were present in the temple. The enemy army that came, it is said that there were only about twenty thousand soldiers in it. It is okay that they were trained and had everything with firearms, but isn’t it sad that our devotees, our priests could not resist them at all. If these priests of ours were ready to fight after taking training of power with devotion, then it could not have happened that everyone would have been killed and Mahmud Ghaznavi would have left this country after breaking our temples and taking all the wealth. He traveled thousands of miles to reach his home country from Gujarat. He carried the wealth of India, the wealth of the temples on camels and horses. If the people of every district, especially the powerful ruler Mahmud Ghaznavi, resisted, stopped him, mixed his soldiers in the soil, then there was no reason that after desecrating and looting the Somnath temple, Ghaznavi would have reached his country safely. . Now the problem has to be solved not only by repeating history, but by taking lessons from history. Even today, if the learned priests among us who keep Thakur ji’s Seva Puja for his adornment, if they are taken in the temple only after military training or wrestling and learning the use of weapons, then the problem can be solved. Along with this, it was 100 years ago that some students, children and youth used to live, study in every temple, all the expenses of their maintenance were borne by the temple and other religious institutions. It may be that they were prepared physically to face the enemy or not, but it is true that the youth of character were prepared for the country by getting education for the happiness and sorrow of the society. Everyone continued to face any tragedy together, but today there are very few temples in independent India where the lesson of Shakti is taught with devotion. The bitter truth is that except for some big temples of the country, the priest is the most innocent creature in the common temples. There are incidents seen by my eyes that they get less salary and they are also treated humiliatingly by those whom they bless on religious ceremonies, but they bear all this for the slightest facility of food, shelter etc. Far from fighting the enemies of the country or the society, they are not even able to oppose the abusive behavior around them, because the problem is of bread. How good it would be to have a controlling board of all the temples in our country and it should decide that what should be the education, physical and arms training of the priests and employees of the temple, especially in the big temples, and it should be taken with the belief that The gods and goddesses whom we worship are all armed, they are the ones who kill the enemies, they are the ones who kill the demons and the ideal Maryada Purushottam like Lord Shri Ram takes the resolution of ‘Nisichar Heen Karhun Mahi’ and also fulfills it. . If this does not happen, the temples and the guardians of the temples will be insulted again and again. How many incidents have happened in America, Canada, England and Australia, where insult and vandalism of temples have become a common thing. In Pakistan or Bangladesh, our places of worship are insulted and daughters are abducted, raped because there are fanatical Muslim governments and Hindu-Sikh society is in very small numbers. I think that if anyone wants to take employees in security arrangements, they give preference to retired soldiers, but we forget that after retiring from the army, priests and their assistants also come to the temples. His assistants are also fully expert and knowledgeable in the method of worship. Why should it not be done that only retired army priests should be recruited as at least fifty percent Pandit priests in their temples, but they will have to pay full respect and salary. They would not tolerate exploitation because they were soldiers. Along with this, it should be necessary in all the temples that the citizens engaged in the management of the temple should be familiar with the tradition under which the worship takes place in the temple. I have seen many times that the priests in Pushtimarg or Ramanujacharya ji’s ‘Shaiva and Shakya’ tradition temples do not know the tradition or they only do fake lines. It should be made necessary that those who do not consume meat and alcohol, gamblers should not become the heads of temples. Only those who have knowledge of religious scriptures and follow religious values ​​in their life should be the managers of the temples and the citizens coming to the temple every evening should be introduced to simple knowledge rather than education of Vedas, Gita, Puranas etc.

It is also necessary that the religious superstitions due to which even today women in some temples of the country have to bear the brunt of many taboos, they are denied worship and darshan, that should be stopped. It would be a healthy tradition that only the goddesses of the country work as priests in the worship of the Goddess, because we have started the worship only after consecrating the life. If our temples become centers of power, devotion and knowledge, then it will never happen that we read about the atrocities of Timur, but do not know which heroes like Shri Yograj Gujjar and India’s brave daughter Rampyari Gujjar fought against these invaders. Chewed iron gram.

Today’s need is also that the knowledge of how Lord Shri Krishna, Ram ji and other deities killed the demons should also be passed on to our new generation. Cow, Ganga, Gita, Gayatri etc. should not be recited and bathed only for heaven. Teach the lesson of their protection as Yograj Singh and Ram Pyari ji did. Temples will become power centers, only then devotion will be possible, otherwise history tells what is the condition of powerless society and institutions.
(The author is a former Punjab cabinet minister)

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