Terrorism a threat to regional peace


Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) of which India, Russia, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are members, Addressing the summit meeting held digitally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that terrorism is a threat to regional peace. The Prime Minister said that decisive action is needed to meet this challenge. He said that terrorism may be in any form, in any form, we have to fight unitedly against it. Some countries use cross-border terrorism as a tool of their policies, harbor terrorists and SCO should not hesitate to criticize such countries. Modi said there should be no place for double standards on such a serious subject. We should also enhance cooperation in combating the financing of terror. The SCO’s Regional Anti-Terrorism Framework (RATS) mechanism has played an important role in this. The Prime Minister said that more proactive steps should be taken to prevent the spread of radicalization among the youth of the SCO member states. He said that the joint statement issued on the subject of extremism is a symbol of our shared commitment. Prime Minister Modi said that strong connectivity is very important for the progress of any sector. He said that better connectivity not only enhances mutual trade, but also enhances mutual trust, but in these efforts, it is very important to respect the basic principles of the SCO Charter, especially the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the member states.

The heads of Pakistan and China were also present in the meeting through digital medium. The blatant manner in which Prime Minister Modi criticized the policies of the above mentioned countries regarding terrorism in his presence was like showing a mirror to those countries. Different countries look at terrorists and separatists from different points of view because of their political interests, this is an unfortunate and wrong perspective.

In Pakistan, China as well as in Canada, Australia, America and England, anti-India elements keep on saying and doing something or the other every day, which cannot be justified in any way. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has tried to justify the anti-India activities of separatists in the name of freedom of expression. But Trudeau is forgetting that sooner or later Canada will also have to face the situation created in Pakistan. Feeding a snake and sheltering it in the courtyard is a risky act, the consequences of which are ultimately borne by the keeper. There is merit in Prime Minister Modi’s point that terrorism is a threat to regional peace, so all the member countries should take it seriously.

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