Tesla slashes FSD beta software price to $12,000


san francisco (Best Hindu News): After significantly slashing the price of its Electric Vehicles (EVs), Tesla has now slashed the price of its “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) beta software by 20 percent. Tesla FSD beta software now costs $12,000.

Tesla customers can purchase an FSD at a lower cost, which includes all Autopilot features as well as the ability to detect and (ideally) stop at traffic lights and stop signs.

In July, Musk first offered Tesla customers the chance to transfer the FSD beta software to another vehicle as a “one time amnesty”.

Tesla owners who have purchased the FSD package can transfer it to another new car by September 30.

The details provided by Musk were that this would be a one time offer and would be applicable only if you place your order before the end of the third quarter.

Another important thing is that when people place an order for a new Tesla car, they must add FSD capability to the order.

Those who will get this offer will have to buy a new Tesla and take delivery by 30 September.

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