Textile traders have high hopes from “New Fosta”, the governors will give priority to them. Loktej Surat, Business News


face. A 41-member panel led by Kailash Hakim (Agarwal) won a historic victory in the FOSTA elections held on July 8. This was the first time in the history of FOSTA that a panel contesting an election got a one-sided victory on such a large scale. And the traders took part in the elections enthusiastically. After the victory, although the committees have not been formed yet and the office bearers have not been decided yet, 80,000 textile traders of Surat have high hopes from “New Fosta”. The “challenges” in front of the new FOSTA are many times more than the expectations the company has from the new FOSTA. In such a situation, how will the new executive body of FOSTA headed by Kailash Hakim cope with these challenges and what problems will it give priority to? Kailash Hakim, the new savior of FOSTA, spoke openly to Loktej on all issues.

Kailash Hakim told that there are many problems in the Surat cloth market, some of which will give priority to the problems. His first priority will be to make a constitution of FOSTA, so that every trader gets his right. First of all, we will work towards making effective rules to get the payment done. Hakim said that the fashion of the cloth market is changing daily, business is growing with new trends. At one time only sarees were dominant, but now the new generation Fashion is trending. For this also Fosta will motivate traders, work will be done in the direction of skill development and seminars will be organized. Return goods coming in the textile market will have to be controlled. After the end of the season, the goods of the traders here Coming back, this is a very dangerous situation for the textile business. He further said that everyday new problems are arising but work will be done on all the 17 points raised by us in the election resolution. At least two-three years are required to work on the problems of the market and the tenure of any executive body should be two-three years, for which a draft will be made in the constitution.

Names of office bearers will be decided on Saturday

The development panel may have won the elections unilaterally, but the suspense regarding the formation of committees and office bearers is still intact. Kailash Hakim said that the names of the president, general secretary and treasurer will be decided by mutual consent in the meeting to be held on Saturday. After that the committees will be formed. At present, the suspense over the names of the President, General Secretary and Treasurer will end on Saturday.

1500 per month job and after that brokerage also….

Kailash Hakim, who has become everyone’s favorite in the cloth market due to his soft-spoken and simple nature, is originally from Malsisar village of Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan. He is a commerce graduate and also prepared for IAS during his studies. Very few people It is known that apart from being a good businessman, he is also a good singer. He told about his initial journey in Surat that he came to Surat in the year 1995 and first joined a yarn firm in Jhampa Bazar on 28 May 1995. At that time, his salary was only Rs.1500, but being happy with his hard work and dedication, his salary was increased from Rs.1500 to Rs.10,000 per month in just six months. He resigned from the yarn firm after some time and started his own business. Started yarn brokerage. After doing brokerage for five years, he opened his first clothes shop in Silk City market. Due to his decent nature and hard work, he progressed progressively. In the year 2017, Agarwal contested the society elections. Senior people of the society supported him in the election. He was competitive. He won that election by getting 86 percent votes.

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