Thali cost still high but some relief seen in August inflation news


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New Delhi: Common people have got some relief from inflation in August. There has been a slight decrease in the price of thali last month as compared to July. But on an annual basis, it is still very high. Especially expensive tomatoes have made the vegetarian thali very expensive in India. Inflation in tomatoes can be attributed to 21% increase in the price of vegetarian thali which became costlier by 24% on annual basis (YoY) in August. CRISIL gave this information in its monthly indicator of food plate cost ‘Roti Rice Rate Report’. During the financial year 2023-24, this is the second time that the price of veg thali has increased in India. The price of tomatoes, which was the main reason for the 24% increase in the price of thali, has increased by 176 percent. Earlier, the price of veg thali had increased by 28 percent in July as compared to June. The price of veg thali had increased for the third consecutive month in July. But on an annual basis, it had increased for the first time. The price of non-veg thali also increased by 11 percent in July.

Last year in August, the price of tomato was Rs 37 per kg, which increased to Rs 102 this year. According to Crisil report, onion price increased by 8%, chilli price by 20% and cumin price by 158%. There has been a slight decline in the prices of both thalis on month-on-month basis due to 17% decline in the price of vegetable oil and 14% decline in the price of potatoes.

There will be relief in September

According to CRISIL report, some reduction in the cost of thali may be seen in September. Because, the retail price of tomato has halved on a month-on-month basis to Rs 51 per kg. Apart from this, the price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder has decreased to Rs 903 per cylinder in September, which was Rs 1,103 in August. This has provided some relief to consumers. The government has recently reduced the price of LPG cylinder by Rs 200.

Whereas the price of non-vegetarian thali has increased by 13% on annual basis (YoY) in August. However, the price of non-veg thali has increased at a slow pace on an annual basis. Because, the price of broiler chicken has increased only by 1 to 3% in a year. Broiler accounts for 50% of the total cost of non-veg thali. Due to the rise in the prices of vegetables and grains, retail inflation reached 7.4 percent in July, which was 4.9 percent in June. RBI has also expressed concern over rising inflation again and again.

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