The arbitrariness of the government machinery is costing the Yogi government

Yogi has to say that the officers should reach their office on time and do not go home for lunch, but have food in the office itself. Whatever problems related to various departments people are coming to Lucknow, they should be heard at the district level.

The state is moving fast under the leadership of the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. Crime is under control. Criminals are scared. The work of Yogi’s ministers is also being reviewed, due to which the plight of the state is going away. The government has tightened the reins of bureaucracy and police, due to which red tape has been curbed. There is peace in the state. The Yogi government keeps making such claims again and again. Still, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has to give this advice to his officers that not listening to the problems of the public will now cost the officers heavily. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given strict instructions to the officers in the past days that full emphasis should be laid on solving the problems of the common people. Strict action will be taken against such officers who do not listen to the problems of the public and unnecessarily make them go round the offices.

The Chief Minister gave this warning to the officials while listening to the problems of the people who had come from all over the state at his official residence at 5 Kalidas Marg and said that the problems of the people should be redressed immediately. In such a situation, it is difficult to understand what is the reality of the state’s development. Why do the people of remote areas have to come to the doorstep of the Chief Minister for their problems? Is the district administration not discharging its responsibility properly? The special thing is that the expectations of the people who come to the Chief Minister’s court with complaints are not so high that it is difficult to deal with them. Most of the people come with problems like electricity, water and dilapidated roads. Apart from this, cases of non-receipt of report in the police station and police harassment come to the fore. These are the problems which should be solved at the district level. If this is not happening, then somewhere the administrative structure of the state has completely collapsed.

Yogis may not agree to this, but their concerns are coming to the fore. That is why Yogi has to say that the officers should reach their office on time and do not go home for lunch, but have food in the office itself. Whatever problems people are coming to Lucknow with related to various departments, they should be heard at the district level and they should be settled in time. How poor is the government machinery. The latest example of this was seen in the past when the power was cut 12 times in the program of Kaushal Kishor, Union Minister and Member of Parliament from Lucknow’s Mohanlalganj Lok Sabha constituency. The Samajwadi Party had launched a verbal attack on the Yogi government after repeated power cuts came to the fore. Minister Kaushal Kishore’s program was being held in Lucknow’s Cooperative Bhavan Auditorium located in front of the Vidhan Sabha.

The minister’s speech in this auditorium lasted for about 40 minutes, during this entire speech the power cut off about 12 times. During the speech, the Union Minister got angry due to frequent power cuts. He expressed his displeasure during the speech. At the same time, the SP had tweeted and wrote, ‘Electricity failure in the minister’s program, Yogi government’s secret has been exposed. It is not only about the Samajwadi Party. Union Minister Kaushal Kishore had himself said that if the people of the Electricity Department do not pick up his phone, then what would happen to the general public. Apart from the 12 power cuts in the program of the minister, then at present the power system in the state is in a bad condition. Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma is proving to be completely unsuccessful in improving the power system. Such situations have arisen after a long time.

All this is happening while Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to the officers to make the roads pothole-free, keeping in mind the convenience of the people, but the negligence of the responsible has been so dominant that it has become difficult to find the road in the potholes as soon as the rain passes. . Highways and city roads are in bad shape. Among these, the condition of roads in rural areas is even worse. Still the officials do not solve the problem. One department puts the ball in another’s court and shirks the responsibility. The roads of both the Municipal Corporation and the Public Works Department in Uttar Pradesh are in a bad condition. While a huge amount is spent on the construction, repair and maintenance of roads. But in the distribution of government money, both the construction and repair of roads are done with very poor material, due to which the roads are uprooted within a month. But the officials and construction agencies do not look towards the roads, forcing the commuters to walk on bumpy roads. More than a dozen departments have been formed for road construction. In Public Works Department, Construction Section, Provincial Section, Prime Minister’s Rural Road Scheme Section, National Highway Section, Rural Engineering Department, District Panchayat, Area Panchayat, Gram Panchayat, MLA Fund, MP Fund, Legislative Council Member Fund, World Bank Scheme, Canal Department Roads are constructed under Irrigation Department etc. But in the construction of roads, soil is filled instead of stone ballast, due to which the roads get destroyed after construction.

All this is when from the Chief Minister to the departmental ministers are continuously conducting surveys with the officials of the districts, but the example of how the officials are misleading the government was seen in the month of October last when PWD Minister Jitin Prasad visited the National College of Lucknow. Arrived to see the road of Rana Pratap Marg built in front of it. It was made a week ago and only the finishing touches were left. Here, instead of the place shown by the engineers, the minister got the road excavated at another place. In the minister’s investigation, the quality of the road prepared with Rs 2 crore was found to be very poor. This is a selected example.

Similarly, Uttar Pradesh Police is also not ready to change its old attitude. For the police, Yogi government’s order is proving to be icing on the cake, in which Yogi has instructed his people’s representatives that no party or government representative will go to the police station for lobbying in any case, due to this the arbitrariness of the police has increased. Has been. If any leader of BJP or the ruling party reaches the police station in any case, then the police stop speaking to the leader by telling him the wish of Yogi. Due to this many innocent people do not get justice.

Going further than this, the Yogi government has also stopped the distribution of government ration to the poor for the last 5-6 months in the previous state governments. Now 5 kg per person ration is being given only by the Modi government, which started during the Corona period. Earlier, rice-wheat was made available to the poor people at Rs. 2-3 per kg by the state governments.

-Ajay Kumar

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