The Ashes 2023: Stuart Broad teasing Alex Carey in a packed field, Indian taught a lesson in one line – laxman sivaramakrishnan reminder


New Delhi: Even days after the conclusion of the second Ashes Test at Lord’s, Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal continues to be a major talking point in the cricket world. Everyone is teaching a lesson to the English team in the case of Johnny Bairstow. International umpire Simon Taufel gave the knowledge of cricket in 8 points, while on the other hand Ashwin is openly in support of Alex Carey on the first day. Australian wicket-keeper batsman Alex Carey is the target of many people for his decision to stump Bairstow. On the other hand, a video is going viral in which England fast bowler Stuart Broad also got into an argument with Carey after Bairstow’s dismissal. Broad told him – you will be remembered for this. Reacting to Broad’s comment, former India spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan reminded English fast bowlers of Yuvraj Singh.

Broad came out to bat on the fifth day of the Lord’s Test. Stump mic captures him saying about Bairstow’s stumping, this is what you will always be remembered for. Responding to a post on Twitter, Sivaramakrishnan wrote – Stuart Broad will be remembered for hitting six sixes in an over by Yuvraj Singh.

In the ICC World T20 match between India and England, Yuvraj Singh hit Broad for 6 consecutive sixes. At that time Broad’s face was becoming visible. Even today when it comes to Broad, the mention of Yuvraj Singh definitely comes. Broad also wrote in his column for the Daily Mail regarding the Bairstow incident. He wrote- Thoughts… This is the wonderful thing about sports and it is most applicable to cricket. We saw it on Saturday evening with Mitchell Starc’s catch. The whole of Australia thought it was out, while the whole of England thought the opposite. I am also included in that. With Australia leading the Ashes 2-0, the onus will be on England to move on from the Bairstow story and focus on getting back into the series.

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