The enthusiasm of Hindi in the festival of daughters


test results Two-three pleasant aspects have come to the fore in this season. Firstly, daughters have proved that if they get a chance and a platform, then they can prove to be an example for others to touch the seventh sky of success. Second, the supremacy of English has been broken and third, Hindi medium candidates have written a new script in India’s top administrative service examination and have given auspicious signs for the future. From the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to many states including Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, daughters topped the 10th and 12th board examinations. After this, in the results of Civil Services Examination 2022 of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the daughters of this country expressed their lofty intentions. Among the top 25 candidates, 14 are women. Not only this, four girls made it to the top 5 as well. Out of a total of 933 candidates, 320 daughters made their way to the top administrative service with pride.

In spite of all the restrictions, in this environment of immense success achieved by the daughters, some discussion of linguistic restrictions is also necessary. The beginning of breaking this bond had already started a few years ago. There was a time when one could appear in the civil service examination in English medium only, but when its compulsion was over, the examinees achieved success in other regional languages ​​as well as in Hindi medium. If we look at the recently declared results of UPSC, this time maximum 54 candidates have been successful through Hindi medium. Not only this, the icing on the cake is that 29 of these candidates had Hindi literature as their optional subject. That is, not only Hindi medium became the standard of success, but Hindi literature as a subject also proved important for this top competitive exam. Everyone should be ahead in learning different languages, but the ease that comes in understanding, learning and expressing things in their mother tongue is not in any imposed language. In the new education system, it has been claimed that importance has been given to teaching and learning in the mother tongue. Although there are many ifs and buts on this issue. For example, related to the translation of scientific terminology and mathematical formulae. For the time being, it would be appropriate to discuss the encouraging results in Hindi. In fact, today that illusion has also been broken in which it was said that English language is mandatory to become an IAS. Due to this necessity, some people could not appear in the examination at all. It was also revealed in some reports that despite the introduction of Hindi for the first time in the year 2012 in the Civil Services Examination, very few people chose this medium. Due to linguistic hesitation and uncomfortable situation. But gradually the examinees of Hindi medium not only achieved success, but also chose Hindi literature as an optional subject. Look at the pleasant coincidence that a year ago the number of successful Hindi speaking candidates was 24, which has more than doubled this time.

It is well known that today Hindi is the language of a large section. Where Hindi can be called the language of contact in Indian society, we can be proud that India is the only country whose five languages ​​are included in the list of 16 major languages ​​of the world. Hindi is definitely there in these five. The immense success of Hindi festivals in different countries of the world indicates the acceptance of this language and its increasing popularity. According to statistics, Hindi is the only language after Chinese and English which is spoken and understood by the maximum number of people in the world. Not only this, extensive research is being done on Hindi in countries like Trinidad, Mauritius, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia and Guyana. New words are being coined and many experiments are being done. Magazines are being published in Hindi language in many countries.

No doubt this expansion of Hindi and the success of Hindi speaking candidates is encouraging, but a lot remains to be done in the field of Hindi. Even today, from science to other subjects, there are many such terminologies for which one has to depend on English only. Although the beauty of the Hindi language is that it has assimilated the words of many other languages ​​as well, but there is still a need for new experiments to make it smooth and fluent. In this era of computers, the uniformity of fonts has proved to be a milestone in the digital development of Hindi.
In the midst of this happy atmosphere of success achieved in Hindi language, the success of the daughters has also mixed the tinge of enthusiasm in the atmosphere. Today, even in adverse circumstances, the position that daughters have achieved is worthy of note. Not only board or UPSC exam, apart from military service, he has also set a record in sports. The results are so encouraging in the name of daughters when even today there are reports of discriminatory behavior towards daughters. From the doorstep of the house to every step, facing various kinds of discomfort and discriminatory behavior, the girls have given such wonderful results. It can be easily guessed that if they also get a non-discriminatory environment, if their skills get a platform, then no one can stop their dreams from coming true on the ground of reality.

However, the respect that Hindi has got in this festival-like atmosphere will definitely encourage those talents who keep lagging behind in linguistic hesitation. Along with moving forward in their mother tongue, there is an absolute need to encourage those who have a hold on other languages ​​as well, but every attempt to end the supremacy of any one language must be welcomed.
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