The film Adipurush is an insult to the ‘epic Ramayana’ in order to earn wealth


Dialogue writers claim that when he used to write dialogues for the film, he used to take off his shoes and slippers outside the office. But the thing to think is that the writer who is pretending to show respect has written so many ridiculous dialogues for the film Adipurush.

Veteran director Om Raut’s much-awaited film Adipurush has been in controversy since its inception with its teaser. During the promotion of this film, the producer, director, writer and other entire team had claimed that the film Adipurush is inspired by the epic Ramayana of Sanatan Dharma’s adorable Maryada Purushottam Lord Shriram. But these claims are proved to be completely false and hollow after watching this film. Although serials and films inspired by the epic Ramayana have been shown time and again on the small and big screen in the country, but it is also a very bitter truth that this is the first time in the country that the epic Ramayana has been shown on the silver screen through state-of-the-art cinema technology. The scenes have been brought alive on such a large scale. This is the reason why the audience was eagerly waiting for the release of the film Adipurush, but due to controversies, the film Adipurush has come in headlines in the country and the world, but the waiting audience has been disappointed after seeing the film. Although the aim of the producers of most of the films is to entertain the audience only by taking money out of their pockets and filling their coffers with that wealth, due to that, they deliberately create controversies even before the release of the films to bring the audience to the cinema houses. A fashion has been created nowadays, which seems fine even for a general laugh, joke and other films, but if a malicious attempt is made to create controversy by distorting national interest and religious texts for the sake of film earnings. So that is grossly unfair and an unpardonable crime. The same condition is with the film Adipurush, in which the dialogues of the epic Ramayana of Lord Shriram, the beloved of millions of followers of Sanatan Dharma in the country and the world, have been distorted and the crime of hurting the sentiments of the people has been committed. .

However, the writers of its dialogues even claim that when he used to write the dialogues of the film, he used to take off his shoes and slippers outside the office. But the thing to think is that the writer who is pretending to show respect has written so many ridiculous dialogues for the film Adipurush. If we look at some of the dialogues of this film, then in the film our adorable Pawan son Hanuman ji is also shown using such words which are quite vulgar. There is a scene in the film in which Indrajit captures Hanuman ji and takes him to Ravana, the king of Lanka. On this Ravana tells Indrajit – “There is no other business that the monkey is catching” which language is bad enough for our adorable Bajrang Bali. Apart from this, in one scene, a demon of Ravana says to Hanuman ji – “Yeh teri bua ka bagicha thodi hai”. This language is also grossly inappropriate. Apart from this, when Hanuman ji burns Lanka, there are many dialogues spoken by many other characters which have been used, which are totally wrong.

After the dialogues, the biggest objection people have is the look of the characters in the film, which do not even remotely resemble the characters of the epic Ramayana. People are not liking the costume of the characters of the film. People are saying that the Ram of this film, neither the Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram is looking, nor the look of Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Ravana is in line with the dignity of the epic. The general public is not liking this look of the characters of Adipurush. Due to which, after the release of the film, instead of stopping the controversy over the film Adipurush, it seems to be increasing rapidly. Now there is a demand to ban this film in Nepal along with India. Apart from this, an application has been filed in the Delhi High Court demanding a ban on the film along with cancellation of the certificate given by the Censor Board to the film. Well… Maryada Purushottam Lord Shriram and our Sanatan culture have been made fun of by distorting the epic Ramayana through this film, which is not right. Therefore, considering the feelings of the followers of Sanatan Dharma, the Government of India itself should immediately ban films like Adipurush.

Deepak Kumar Tyagi

(Senior journalist, columnist and political analyst)

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