The golden period of Sri Lankan cricket? , Pudhari

– Nimish Patgaonkar

The first eight federations ranked were eligible for direct entry into the Cricket World Cup and former world champions like West Indies and Sri Lanka started playing the qualification round for the World Cup. For the sake of Asia, Sri Lanka has invented the ranking system, as if it has given a proven track record. Having won against Bangladesh and Afghanistan, India would have had a chance to compete in the Super-4. India would have faced the challenge and the people would have faced it bravely, yet its amazingness is visible. Or the victory of Sri Lankan Pakistan over all the hard times. Asia chashkacha ha saamana would have been a penultimate saamana. The possibility of an India-Pakistan fight in the third round was dashed by Sri Lanka and in its view, Pakistan was cut short.

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The special feeling of excitement or thrill till the last ball is, the victory of the Ashtapailhu players of Sri Lanka Association and their match winner who took their game to the victory of the Ashtapailu team on a worthy occasion. Yes, to understand Saamana, you will first have to understand the wonder of ‘Duckworth Lewis’. Pakistan made 252 after 42 sixes and 7 and Sri Lanka made 252 after 42 sixes and 8, then Sri Lanka faced Jinkali, how did you understand first. Ha Saamna Pannas would have been a hexagon, the water would have been declared as a banana; But due to the rain, the match for Pannas sixkacha started and 45 sixkakas were already played. Saamna Chalu Jhala and rain started again, then Pakistan would have been 130 after 27.4 sixties and 5. Here Duckworth-Lewis rule was applied and when the match started again, there were 42 hexagrams. When Pakistan scored 252 runs after 7 planned 42 sixes, then according to ‘Duckworth Lewis’, Sri Lanka fell short of the target by 1 run, that is, Pakistan’s run count for Sri Lanka became 251 and the target became 252. The Duckworth-Lewis rule was used to determine the target of a competitor by scoring half the time spent. Mohammad Nawaz’s rain ended after half the over, and Sri Lanka’s target was 255.

The Sangh of Pakistan, which was till now the most balanced in the competition, suddenly started facing injuries. Injuries to both Harris Rauf and Naseem Shah or their fast-moving trio Maryachya would have disrupted the pace of Pakistani bowling. Salamveer Fakar Jhaman is not in form. Due to this, in an important match, Pakistan’s match had to be changed not just in one or two days, but in five rounds. Or again, injuries to Iman-ul-Haq and Saud Shakeel or replacement players changed half the league again within a few minutes of the match. By changing so much the balance of any conflict gets lost. Because of this, Sri Lanka or Samanya would have been the favorites against ICC’s ranked top ranked Pakistan, who were ranked eighth and had won 13 consecutive games. As a result of Sri Lanka’s ranking rising while the federation was in transition, they had to play the qualifying round for the World Cup; But here comes the Sangh, ready to compete with the bigger Sanghs. Pramod Madushan’s yorker caught the in-form Fakhar Jhaman’s defense and Pakistan’s Dawala was out first. Shafiq and Babar have created a storm in Pakistan; But Sri Lanka’s new diamond will be there again and Sri Lanka’s Madatila Dhawoon will come again.

India’s top four batsmen were either bowlers or quality bowlers, Babar Vishela Faswale. At one stage, the first ball would have been inbounded, but the forward Babarla would have pulled his front foot defense forward and the batsman had finished his work in a moment. Kushal Mendis batted next to Kamal Kelich, but there was no move to face him only for the stumping of Babar. After reaching 130 after 5 balls, Sri Lanka’s overall dominance was visible; But due to the antics of Rizwan and Iftekar Ahmed, Pakistan got into trouble. Kusal Perera Hakanak Dhavabad Jhala while teaching the Sri Lankan Sangha, but Kusal Mendis held the Davachi Sutra in his hand. Pratham Nisanka and Maga Samarvikramachaya Saathi, when he hit half sixes, he would have set the target exactly at half an hour. The spin bowlers who hit Pakistan’s middle sixes were not effective in the match, Shadab proved to be the great bowler, while Iftekar Ahmed took the wickets but the attack was limited. After Mendis, Sri Lanka had scored 41 runs in 40 runs.

Today’s bailouts would have been easily possible, but Sri Lanka’s Dow is in trouble. Ithech Aslankache Ashtapailu Guna Kamala Aale. Mendisne would have brought a vision of victory; But the train of efforts that I have achieved has dragged me till the end, at some cost, and I am ashamed of myself. Or who will be the king of Asia on Sunday? But Sri Lanka’s performance so far has awakened the rest of cricket and shown them that they should be seen as World Cup winners, not just the league, but also their eligibility for the World Cup. I don’t know whether Lanket was Soniya’s son, but Sri Lankan cricket is such a talented player or batsman who can give Soneri a golden period, it is just a matter of fact that Samanya has underlined.

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