The grand temple of Lord Shri Ram will be a national temple for Sanatani people all over the world.

Respected Lord Shri Ram has always appeared to us in the form of Maryada Purushottam. Due to the Indian citizens being known all over the world as the descendants of Lord Shri Ram, today this has become the identity of every Indian all over the world. Almost every Indian not only believes in the principle of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, that is, every living being on this earth is our family, but today almost every Indian is also seen following the norms related to his religion to a great extent. Is. In India, Lord Shri Ram is considered an idol in terms of following religion and dignity. Thus he is the soul of India.

Especially today, when terrorism is spreading all over the world and when the side effects of the materialistic development model in developed countries are becoming visible in the form of ever-increasing mental illnesses, the whole world is full of hope towards India. It is clearly visible that in such an environment, only Indian Sanatan culture will be helpful in liberating the world from terrorism and with the help of Indian spirituality, freedom from mental illnesses will also be possible. For this reason, today there are many great personalities, especially from developed countries like Japan, Russia, America, South Korea, France, Germany, Britain, Canada, Indonesia etc., who are taking interest in Indian Sanatan Dharma and are trying to adopt it. And are continuously moving forward.

The glorious history of Sanatan Dharma in India is considered to be the oldest in the entire world. It is said that about 14,000 years ago, Lord Neel Varaha had incarnated. After the Neel Varaha period, there came the Adi Varaha period and then the White Varaha period. During this period, Lord Varaha removed water from the earth and made it habitable for humans. After that Brahma expanded the human race and Shiva established the reign of religion and justice on the entire earth. Civilization is considered to have started from here. This story of Sanatan Dharma starts from Varaha Kalpa. Whereas the earlier history is also recorded in the Indian Puranas which is told through the main 5 Kalpas. If we look at the history of such an ancient and great Sanatan Dharma of India, we come to know that Hindu Sanatan culture and Sanatan Vedic knowledge has been the basis of global modern science. This has been proven time and again through many examples, citing Hindu beliefs and religious texts. Sanatan Vedic knowledge was so developed that its core has been used and spread globally by western countries in the name of today’s modern science. In fact, hundreds of years of invasions and slavery had not only enslaved us politically but also mentally held us in the chains of slavery. The British rule had filled us with inferiority complex towards our own culture. Whereas by using our knowledge they continued to win and earn fame all over the world. Now there is a need that we know our cultural heritage and also learn to be proud of it.

In this sequence, for the followers of Hindu Sanatan Dharma living all over the world, a grand temple of our Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram, by whose name India is known in the world today, is being built in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, with eternal inspiration – It should also be considered a necessity. Since the invaders named Babar and Mir Baqi had destroyed the temple of Lord Shri Ram and built a mosque at that place, the devotees of Lord Shri Ram had to struggle for a long time for 492 years to liberate this place. More than 4 lakh devotees of Ram have made sacrifices in 76 struggles of the past and as a result of well-planned series of campaigns of about 36 years, the entire society has risen above the differences of gender, caste, class, language, sect, region etc. and in a spirit of unity, has made an unprecedented contribution to the Shri Ram temple. Have given up and sacrificed. Ultimately, as a result of the above sacrifices, on 9 November 1989, Shri Kameshwar Chaupal, a member of the Scheduled Community, laid the foundation stone at Shri Ram’s birthplace in the presence of revered saints. But, the legal battle regarding the ownership of the land for the construction of a grand temple of Lord Shri Ram was still not over. Thus, this subject of faith also got stuck in the long process of the courts (from the Sessions Court to the Supreme Court). Finally, on the basis of mythological evidence, archaeological excavations, photo system of radar waves and historical facts, a 5-member bench of the Supreme Court unanimously gave its verdict on 9 November 2019 and said, “This 14000 square feet land belongs to Shri Ram Lala. Is.” In this way, truth was established and faith, belief and trust prevailed along with facts and evidence. Subsequently, on 5 February 2020, the Government of India formed a trust named “Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra” and handed over the acquired 70 acres of land to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra. Subsequently, on March 25, 2020, Shri Ram Lala moved from the tarpaulin temple to his temporary new wooden temple.

Finally, on August 5, 2020, that supernatural moment of fulfillment of dreams and resolutions of centuries appeared. When the popular and famous Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi ji laid the foundation stone in the sacred presence of revered Mahant Nritya Gopal Das ji, representatives of various spiritual streams from across the country, revered acharyas, saints, and most respected Sir Sanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Initiated the construction of the temple by worshiping. In this auspicious time, the water of more than 3000 holy rivers and pilgrimage centers of the country, the soil brought from various castes, tribes, devotional centers and houses of sacrificial kar sevaks, made the whole of India spiritually “Bhoomi Pujan”. Was present in. Today, after being built a grand temple of Lord Shri Ram, it is fast moving towards its completion and this huge and grand temple will be inaugurated by the famous Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on 22 January 2024 by the most respected Sir Sanghchalak Shri of Param Pujya Sant Mandal and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Mohan ji is going to do it in the company of Bhagwat.

The revered saints in India have given a call that along with building a grand temple in the birthplace of Shri Ram, there should also be respect for Shri Ram and his core values ​​in the heart temple of the people. Shri Ram roamed the forests barefoot for 14 years. Reached every section of the society. He warmly embraced the deprived and neglected people, made them feel a sense of belonging and befriended everyone. Jatayu was also given father’s respect. Restored the high dignity of women. By destroying the demons, he completely destroyed terrorism. In Ram Rajya, there was mutual love, harmony, friendship, compassion, kindness, affection, equality, brotherhood, health, a life free from trinity and full of prosperity everywhere. Therefore, we all Indians together have to create such an India once again with our determination and collective effort.

It is not only envisaged to build a grand temple in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, but along with the grand temple, a huge library, museum, research centre, Veda Pathshala, Yagyashala, Satsang Bhawan, Dharamshala, Exhibition, etc. will also be developed. So that today’s young generation finds it easier to do research on the times of Lord Shri Ram. The grand temple of Lord Shri Ram is also being called the National Temple because this temple will introduce the Indian Sanatan culture to every person coming here. This temple is going to become a center of faith for people who believe in Hindu Sanatan Dharma all over the world, hence there will be a continuous influx of tourists from all over the world. This temple is going to become an important center of faith for the followers of Hindu religion all over the world as well as a special center of tourism, hence by the grace of Lord Shri Ram, the wishes of crores of people will be fulfilled as well as the wishes of millions of people will be fulfilled. People will also be provided employment opportunities.

-Prahlad Sabnani

Retired Deputy General Manager

state Bank of India

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