The greed to double the money was overwhelming, the woman suffered a loss of more than 7 lakhs, you are not making this mistake


Many times people think about earning more money and try many ways for this. Meanwhile, many times such offers are found which awaken greed in the mind. Only this greed drowns people. With the increasing cases of cyber scams in India, people should be very careful about who they are talking to online.

Online scams have increased a lot in the recent past. There are many methods used by scammers to extort money from people. One such method is Telegram scam. Fake job offers are given to people through this app. Trusting them, people take offers and then get cheated.

Fraud of Rs 7.74 Lakh:
Recently, an incident has come to light in which a woman from Kerala lost Rs 7.74 lakh while trying to get a job online. As per reports, a woman from Kunnukkara in Paravur was approached by a fake agency, who promised her work from home. On June 11, the victim received a message from a woman named Mandira Sharma. Sharma told the victim that he had received a job offer from a company named In this, the woman had to rate and review several online services inside the Ixigo live service company.

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The woman thought it was a legitimate company. The woman accepted that job. He is given a new task every day. Then the scammers told her that if she invests money in the business, her money will be doubled. The woman believed this and paid approximately Rs 7.91 lakh. Then the woman got Rs 17,000 as a one-time return. After that the website was closed. After this the woman felt that she had been scammed. After this a case was registered with the police.

How to keep yourself safe:

  • You have to note that apply for jobs only on websites like LinkedIn,, Indeed etc. Also don’t trust any website or app.
  • If you have to apply for a job through any other portal, then do a thorough investigation of the person who is offering you the job.
  • Check what is the job and also check the legitimacy of the company.
  • Keep details like company name, person’s name etc. with you.
  • Also check the details by searching on google.
  • Ignore any false links or free offers.

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