The increasing trend of suicide among students is worrying, the government has to pay immediate attention to this problem.


Only one question arises again and again in the mind that who is putting pressure on the children? There is pressure of studies from the coaching institute or due to family pressure or due to not getting the desired exam results, the students come under such pressure that they take steps like suicide.

There is talk of making a new India – a strong India, the New Education Policy-2020 is being implemented effectively, while developing positive thinking towards education, maximum attention is being given to it. But despite all these efforts, it is a matter of concern that the number of students committing suicide is increasing all over the country. In the year 2020, more than 12500, then in 2021, 13,000 students committed suicide. These figures are from the National Crime Records Bureau. Two more students committed suicide this Sunday in Kota. With this the number of students who committed suicide in Kota this year has gone up to 23, which is a very serious matter. In this education city of Rajasthan, 9 students have committed suicide in two months. Students are continuously committing suicide here, is it the negligence of the government, administration or coaching institute or something else? Regarding this dark side of Kota, which is becoming a suicide hub, now a solution has to be found for this disaster. It is not that we do not know the reason for this problem becoming an epidemic.

The most important role of education is being accepted in making the golden age of freedom meaningful, it is also being said that education is also such a weapon by which a person can change not only himself but also the society, the nation and the world. Then what are the anomalies and irony around education that the tendency of suicide among the students is increasing day by day. Everyone knows that due to education becoming a business, many bad practices are entering in it, students are being pressurized to give good exam results, more competition and competition has created pressure on the students, along with this, how parents can fulfill their dreams. imposes on the children. They see a golden future for their children in IIT, NIT or Medical, for which many parents also take loans to make it come true. When a student who is suppressed by the dreams of his parents reaches the coaching institutes, he is put under the pressure of preparation and tests and is also intimidated by saying that JEE or NEET are the toughest exams in the world.

The success of any country’s education system lies in the fact that instead of fierce competition and complexity, there should be ease in the matter of getting education from elementary to higher level. If any student is facing difficulties in studying or achieving success due to any reason, then measures should be taken to remove them. But for the past several decades, this question has been persistent that a large number of students drop out of schools and colleges midway and commit suicide due to the fear of not being able to see their parents. This concern has been underlined many times in the study reports of organizations working on this issue from the government to education, but till now no meaningful solution has been found. From the administration to the director of the coaching institute, no one has the answer as to why the suicide cases are continuously increasing here. If such steps are being taken continuously by the students, then why psychological counseling is not being done. Why no initiative is being taken by the coaching institute and administration in this regard?

Only one question arises again and again in the mind that who is putting pressure on the children? There is pressure of studies from the coaching institute or due to family pressure or due to not getting the desired exam results, the students come under such pressure that they take steps like suicide. Some students come under so much pressure to fulfill their dreams that even before the result comes, they take drastic, tragic and dreadful steps like suicide. Pune-based consultancy firm Infinium Global Research estimates that the coaching industry will be worth over Rs 58,000 crore by the end of this year. Means the coaching institute is rich and powerful that if they want they can take initiative to improve the mental health of the children. They may also monitor students who have low test scores and who frequently miss class. It is not that such initiatives have not been taken by the coaching institutes of Kota, but it is clear that they are proving to be insufficient.

The irony is that the increasing incidents of suicide are not only happening in coaching institutes, but students of higher education institutions like IITs, NITs and IISERs, IIMs and Central Universities are also committing suicide. The big question is that instead of making high citizens, these institutions are making students commit suicide, so along with being a black stain on them, a big question also arises that is the level of education and environment in such institutions not proper? The government and the educationists of the country will also have to worry about the fact that why 92 students who took admission in these higher education institutions in the last five years committed suicide in the middle of their studies? Similarly, Darshan Solanki, a first year student of IIT Bombay, committed suicide recently. After this, the students there have been officially asked not to inquire with each other about G (advance) rank or GATE score. Nor ask any question that exposes the student’s caste, richness-poverty and aspects related to it. Such guidelines are needed not only by IIT Mumbai, but also by all higher educational institutions and coaching institutions in Kota. Although the Kota administration had issued a guideline almost a year ago to get the children out of psychological pressure, which has not been followed completely by any coaching institute, the question is, what steps did the administration take against them? The question is whether such symbolic steps can solve serious problems like the increasing number of suicides.

To control the growing student mentality of suicide, first of all parents have to recognize the potential of their children and help them to move forward accordingly. Parents, coaching institutes and government machinery all have to work together to stop what is happening in Kota today. It is well known that on the one hand, the standards set in the education system in school-college are not easily acceptable to many students, on the other hand, due to non-continuity in studies, from the form of teaching to competition, poverty, family, social and other factors. It is related to many factors and its solution will need to be seen only by putting all the points in one formula.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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