The magic of Chetak EV, sales increased four times, know the reason


Chetak EV Sales: Many companies of the auto sector are presenting the sales figures for the month of June. In this connection, the domestic giant auto manufacturing company Bajaj Auto has also presented the June sales figures. According to the figures of June, Bajaj Auto’s only electric scooter Chetak (Chetak EV) has sold four times more. In the last year 2022-23, the sales of Bajaj Auto’s electric scooter Chetak EV have increased four times to 36,260 units.

Sales of Bajaj Auto’s electric scooter Chetak quadrupled to 36,260 units in the last financial year 2022-23. According to the language report, giving this information in the company’s annual report, it has been said that the sales of Chetak EV have increased rapidly due to the reduction of semiconductor crisis at the global level. The company sold 8,187 units of the Chetak electric scooter in 2021-22.

The annual report states that the global semiconductor shortage has affected the automobile industry. This also affected the production of Chetak in the first quarter of 2022-23. The company said that after this the supply issues were reduced and the manufacturing of Chetak was increased. Bajaj’s famous brand Chetak was re-launched in the market in 2020-21 as an electric scooter. Chetak EV sales in the domestic market stood at 1,395 units in the year ending March 2021.

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