The move to put pressure on Yogi from Delhi may spoil the work of the government.

Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, a part of the BJP government alliance in Uttar Pradesh, always remains in the headlines. These headlines are especially made about the fact that when will Subhashpa’s national president Om Prakash Rajbhar become a part of the Yogi cabinet? There has been speculation about this for a long time, but the wish of Omprakash Rajbhar and Dara Singh Chauhan, who left SP and joined BJP, to become ministers is not being fulfilled. Rajbhar seems a little more anxious to become a minister. Even after meeting Yogi several times, when Rajbhar’s path to becoming a minister did not open, he started knocking in the court of Delhi. Last day, Rajbhar met Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The meeting between Rajbhar and Shah is considered important in many ways. Rajbhar has earlier met CM Yogi and BJP President JP Nadda.

Sources reveal that during Rajbhar’s meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, UP cabinet expansion, Lok Sabha elections and other issues were discussed. After this meeting, discussions about Rajbhar joining Yogi cabinet have again gained momentum. It is being claimed by Subhashpa that as soon as Kharmas is over, Yogi cabinet can be expanded in which Rajbhar and Dara Singh Chauhan can get ministerial posts.

On the other hand, OP Rajbhar told that Home Minister Amit Shah has also asked to wait till Kharmas. Rajbhar said that we had asked Amit Shah ji why there is so much delay in cabinet expansion, then he asked to wait till Kharmas. The final date of cabinet expansion has not been decided yet, but the expansion can be announced any time after Kharmas. While talking to the media, Rajbhar also said that not only he will become a minister, other people can also be made ministers. However, he did not openly reveal the names of any of the other people.

Rajbhar has posted two photos of his meeting with the Home Minister on social media, in which he has written that he had a cordial meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi on New Year. In this meeting, the current political situation of UP, Bihar and preparations for Lok Sabha elections were discussed. Besides, there has also been a discussion on sending the proposal from the UP government to the Central government as soon as possible to include the Rajbhar caste in the Scheduled Tribe category.

Rajbhar told through his post that the social problems of Banjara caste and the issue of caste certificate of Gond, Kharwar caste were also discussed. Along with this, there were positive discussions on important issues related to the interests of the deprived and exploited classes. However, the situation of Omprakash Rajbhar and Dara Singh Chauhan has become similar to that of current Energy and Urban Development Minister AK Sharma during Yogi’s first term. When AK Sharma, who is considered very close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was brought from Gujarat to UP to contest the elections, there was even discussion that Modi has installed a ‘watchman’ in the form of AK Sharma over the Yogi government. There was a lot of discussion about Sharma getting a big portfolio in the Yogi cabinet, but Yogi did not administer the oath of office to Sharma till the end even though there was a lot of pressure on him from Delhi. In such a situation, it is difficult to say to what extent the pressure from the Delhi court of the Raj will be able to influence Yogi. Due to this arrogance of Rajbhar, no one should be surprised if the ministerial post goes further away from Rajbhar.

-Ajay Kumar

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