The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has increased the threat to humanity.

After Russia and Ukraine, now the dark clouds of war between Israel and Hamas are raising the possibility of world war and are causing millions of people to cry and suffer destruction. The growing mentality of war is a stigma on the developed human society. Hamas has foolishly awakened the sleeping lion by carrying out a terrorist attack. The first round of terrorist attacks can be considered completed in the sense that the organization that carried out it, Hamas, has said that its objective has been achieved and now it is ready to negotiate a ceasefire. But the question is how will Israel remain calm on this attack? After the massive destruction and widespread loss of life, the so-called ceasefire proposal has no meaning for it? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in strong words that Hamas started the war, but we will end it. The enemies would not have even guessed what price they would have to pay for this.” Today, eliminating terrorism from the world is a major priority and Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India is with Israel in this fight against terrorism. India does not want the darkness of war but the light of peace, but if any forced violence and terror flourishes then appropriate steps will have to be taken to control it.

Describing the attack as a day of great revolution, Hamas leader Mohammed Deif said, ‘We have started a new military mission against Israel. Enough is enough now. Now we will not tolerate it anymore. Angered by this, Israel has also officially declared war against ‘Hamas’ and named it ‘Operation Iron Swords’ and rapid attacks are being carried out by Israeli Air Force fighter jets on 17 targets in the Gaza Strip. . As far as Israel’s retaliatory action is concerned, it is certain that the matter will not stop here, the second round of war will probably be more gruesome and more destructive than the first, but it is not yet clear how the Netanyahu government will carry it out. At present, all that can be said is that Gaza Strip will be the target of its attacks. Hamas definitely has influence in Gaza Strip, but 23 lakh people are living there, a large part of whom would be unaware of Hamas’s activities and plans. The larger the number of such innocent people who become victims of Israeli action, the bigger the question of human rights will emerge and the so-called sympathy for the Palestinians may also increase.

The world needs world peace, peaceful and non-violent society, but terrorist thinking like Hamas is its biggest obstacle, hence any condemnation of Hamas is less. The organization which should give up its guns and concentrate on the development of the Gaza Strip, gathers strength through religion and unrighteousness only so that it can inflict a deeper and more painful blow on Israel’s body than ever before? It is as if the fight between Mossad versus Hamas has become a business, a permanent home for a distorted and violent mentality. Why don’t the governments of both the countries learn the lesson of peace and tranquility? Why is it not serious about permanent peace in its own country? Today they should emphasize on measures for permanent peace, the world needs such countries which will inspire terrorism in the right direction, so that the bloody quagmire of West Asia can be bridged forever.

Currently, there have been some attacks by Hezbollah from the Lebanese side, but the Lebanese government is limited to expressing its desire to maintain peace and stability in that area. Iran and Saudi Arabia have also talked about trying to establish peace in favor of Palestinians. If things escalate and direct or indirect support for Hamas increases, the situation will only get worse. We have to ask the question to those who continuously push the world towards war, terror, unrest and violence, what will be achieved by war and terror? First of all, we have to understand from the religious leaders and then from the political masters, who is benefiting from such war and terror mentality? How are the killings of innocents justified? If such killings are justified, then the claim that religions are humane and peace-loving should be stopped. A bad man becomes worse when he pretends to be a saint. In this world, people’s hearts get hurt over small things, but who is hurt by the death of thousands of innocent children and women? Where is humanity? Where is the dream of world peace? Certainly the plant of peace cannot be grown on the soil of violence.

Who is responsible for the bloodshed that has been taking place in the name of Palestine for almost seventy years? Are enmities nurtured in human veins in these areas, so that blood can be shed whenever the opportunity arises? Are the youth in such areas only there so that they can put humanity to shame? Does anyone write the history of his country with such blemishes? The big question is who will be able to stop this widespread violence and terror? Some terrorists are seen with Hamas, while others are desperate to plunder and destroy Israel? It is about destruction everywhere. Till date, no one who has committed war and terrorism and those who encourage them has received any significant encouragement that could make him proud. Unless the ego of the nations with terror and war mentality is immersed, the possibility of war may be closed in the fields, in the seas, in the sky, but it is not closed in the minds. Therefore, there is a need that the war should no longer be on the world, but on weapons, on terror and violent mentality. It is a good wish that now humans should live and survive not on the strength of machines but on the strength of emotions, development and love.

The sad aspect of this violent, terrorist and war era is that Putin’s new Russia also does not spare children and women while targeting Ukraine. Where there should have been concern for one’s own and neighbor’s welfare, only the feeling of revenge prevails. Barbarism, cruelty, madness and heinousness are increasing. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to raze the militant group to ruins. The place of the terrorists who are committing the pinnacle of ruthlessness and brutality is in the debris, but what is the fault of those innocent children, women and men, who are not terrorists from anywhere, but are becoming targets? Can any fight against terrorism in human civilization be successful without distinguishing between the guilty and the innocent? This is like keeping a large portion of the world’s population open to the possibility of destruction at all times. The occurrence of such a war will push back both the conquerors and the conquered nations for centuries; apart from causing material loss, it also becomes a major cause of disability and disability for humanity. Amidst the intensifying situations of war and destruction, it is noteworthy that Israel was successful in destroying the nuclear plant purchased by Iraq from France in 1970 by dropping 16 bombs in 1 minute 20 seconds. It is difficult to say what will be the outcome of this incident, for now all that can be said is that the sooner this dispute can be resolved, the better it will be for the world. World peace is already in danger, now the war between ‘Hamas’ and Israel has increased this danger further and after the two world wars that have taken place in the past, the sound of the third world war is increasingly being heard. Along with the ceasefire, an atmosphere of fearlessness, wishes for auspiciousness and spread of auspiciousness are necessary. Man’s fearful mind will have to be freed from the horrors of war, the world will have to be made fearless by becoming fearless ourselves. Through this, there will be victory not for any one country or the other but for the entire human race.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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