The problem of parking is becoming increasingly dire, efforts will have to be made to solve it soon.


It is believed that the number of cars is less in comparison to the population in the country. The number of cars will only increase in the coming years. There can be no doubt about it. The traffic conditions are becoming such that sometimes it takes a long time to cross the distance of a few steps.

Even though this thing may seem a bit strange, but now the problem of parking of private four wheelers in the cities is becoming serious. It is also true that this problem is increasing rapidly not only in our metropolitan cities but also in front of most of the countries of the world. The countries of the world are facing the parking problem of four wheelers and are brainstorming many options to solve this problem. Even the parking fee has started earning a substantial amount. Talking about India alone, there are about five crore cars in circulation in the country. According to a rough estimate, the parking space of more than four thousand football fields is required for the parking of available cars in Delhi. If we talk about the income from the parking of Delhi itself, then it becomes more than 9800 crores. If you go out into the streets of any city in any corner of the country, you will see that half of the road space outside the houses in the streets is adjacent to the parking of cars. That is, having more than one car / vehicle in the same household is now becoming common. In any city, it is becoming common to get jammed at the time of opening of office or market. All this when it is believed that the number of cars in the country is less as compared to the population. The number of cars will only increase in the coming years. There can be no doubt about it. The traffic conditions are becoming such that sometimes it takes a long time to cross the distance of a few steps.

In fact, many of the reasons for this are not paying attention to developing suburbs, giving permission to build multi-storey buildings only at busiest places, not developing urban public transport system, easy purchase of vehicles and lack of long-term planning for parking of vehicles. are also included. Now things have started happening to such an extent that a fight over parking or rather a fatal dispute is becoming common. The incidents of road rage are increasing day by day. In fact, the way four-wheelers have become easy accessible due to easy loan facility and fast increasing flow of money, a positive result of this has come to the fore that the way mobile is becoming common for all, rich and poor, in the same way. Four wheelers are becoming common. As far as people with money are concerned, it is normal to have more than one vehicle in their homes. The other aspect of the picture is also that people with even a little good financial condition are now shifting towards expensive and SUV vehicles. Half of the footpaths in the streets of any city can be seen only because of the parking of vehicles. There has also been a difference in people’s thinking or demand and now people do not like to buy small cars. The results for a small car like the Nano are in front of us. Due to lack of space in the house, vehicles have to be parked on the roads.

According to the International Energy Agency, by 2050, 80 thousand square kilometers of space will be required in the countries of the world only for parking cars. That is, so much space that a small country can easily fit in this space. Although the governments of the countries of the world are making plans regarding the old junk, but it is also becoming a problem in itself. Well this can be discussed separately. But the question remains the same that the car business is yet to pick up pace. In such a situation, urban development organizations and planners will have to prepare a solid action plan regarding parking of private cars. The interesting thing is that now the car market is shifting to electric cars, in such a situation space has to be found for charging stations as well. Because sooner or later this business of cars has to be shifted to EV only. If there is a system of charging at the parking places only, then some solution to the problem can be seen. In fact, the time has come when rental parking lots should be made like rented houses and the necessary requirements related to cars can also be fulfilled there. Such as facilities for air-water, general repair, cleanliness, charging etc. The situation can be even more convenient if there is an automatic multi-storey parking system at such paid parking places. The need of the hour is to have more parking facilities in multi-storied buildings and malls as well.

– Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

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