The questions arising out of the Balasore train accident are demanding blunt answers in time so that such train accidents stop.


Experts say that the armor system was not available on this route. Because when the loco pilot starts breaking the signal, the ‘armor’ gets activated. This system alerts and automatically stops the train when another train is detected within the prescribed distance on a route.

The horrific train accident in Balasore (Orissa), considered to be possibly the biggest rail accident of the century, has shaken the people of the country and the world. Where 288 people have died in this accident on last Friday, there is news of 1175 passengers being injured. The figures of the dead may also increase in the coming days. The cancellation of 90 trains and diversion of 46 trains after this train accident shows the importance of this railway route. Therefore, there is a need to make all such rail routes more safe and convenient. Indeed, many questions are arising from this heart-wrenching incident, if the answers are found in time, then such horrifying incidents can stop in the future.

The first question is why the Indian Railways, which is in the dilemma of government and privatization, did not use the ‘armour system’ on this important railway section in time, which is said to be capable of preventing such rail accidents. Experts say that the armor system was not available on this route. Because when the loco pilot starts breaking the signal, the ‘armor’ gets activated. This system alerts and automatically stops the train when another train is detected within the prescribed distance on a route.

The second question is that when will the common man, who is suffering in the mill of government vs privatization, finally get quality system services, because media reports show that due to privatization of the system, not only railways but in most of the areas where consumers have to pay more than before. While paying, the quality of service has either decreased or is reported to be absent. Why is this so and why does our political leadership seem to have failed to crack down on the officials responsible for this?

The third question is whether policies are not made in advance to make the government relief and rescue measures better and more relevant, which appeared immediately after this accident, because whenever such accidents happen, emergency citizens available nearby The facilities seem to be lacking. Will the government still caution and make a strategy to make proper arrangements within every 100-150 km radius, so that such facilities are useful to the common people in normal days and to the victims of any incident in emergency situations. Because rail and road accidents and barbaric conflicts have become the destiny of this country.

The fourth question is that the opposition is traditionally demanding the resignation of the Railway Minister, but they are not ashamed that the Congress and its followers, who ruled the country for almost five decades, have given Indian rail, road and air transport What is? How many health facilities and other public facilities were developed in remote areas to deal with any emergency situation. He took the resignations of the ministers after some big incident, but even after that why didn’t he take concrete measures in public interest. Otherwise today the country would have been more developed and well organized. To be honest, both the country and the countrymen are suffering the adverse consequences of the opposition anarchy which he promoted.

The fifth question is that two railway reports have come out on the reason behind this accident. A report said that even though there was a green signal for the Coromandel Express, the passenger train entered the loop line and rammed into a stationary goods train at Bahnaga Bazar station, causing its coaches to fall onto another track. Due to which the Yesvantpur-Howrah Express met with an accident. That is, the disturbance in the rail signal is being estimated. On the other hand, it has been told in the second report that due to the derailment of the Yesvantpur-Howrah Express, the Coromandel and the goods train became victims of the accident. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the government to keep an eye on the administrative habit of giving preference to controversial issues and with the intention of reaching accurate decisions, so that such heart-wrenching incidents stop.

The sixth question is whether the present government will rise above various formalities and take some such concrete measures so that such accidents can be controlled in future. Will she make her system so solid and scientific, so that such unexpected accidents never happen. However, the high-level inquiry into the accident, which has started, reached its conclusion soon. According to Indian Railways spokesperson Amitabh Sharma, the probe committee is headed by AM Chaudhary, commissioner of railway safety, south-eastern division. So it is expected that soon he will convert milk into milk and water into water. Because the derailment of the Coromandel Express and the Bengaluru-Howrah Express and the collision with the goods train on Friday evening was so severe that the bogies of the train climbed one on top of the other and some bogies had sunk into the ground, in view of which the coach had to be rescued. Had to cut and remove the dead body.

The seventh question is whether the absence of an effective “armor system” to prevent such accidents on this important rail route connecting East and South India does not raise questions on the mentality of the railway officials, because if this armor system had been installed, the Balasore Railway would have been destroyed. The accident could have been avoided. It is generally seen that people sitting in Delhi pay more attention to North India and West India than East India and South India. That’s why there is a need to rise above such disgusting mentality in security measures.

The eighth question is that immediately after the Balasore train accident, the sensitivity and activism shown by the local people, the district administration, the state administration and the central administration as well as the railway administration and tried to provide all possible help to the victims is commendable. Nevertheless, under the strategy of Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat, it is the duty of the Center to develop emergency public facilities with the states. Eastern India and its adjoining areas are also considered very sensitive from the point of view of Naxalites and casteist criminals, so there is a greater need for those public facilities here. It is true that in this accident, 200 ambulances were deployed to help the injured, relief and rescue operations were carried out with the help of water-land-nabh army, helicopter ambulances took the injured to the hospital and 300 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) The strength of the nation is known by the relief and rescue work done with the help of personnel. It is commendable. It needs to be developed further.

The ninth question is that after this tragic train accident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Odisha and after reviewing the relief and rescue operations after the accident, assured the nation that the culprits would not be spared. Along with this, the Prime Minister should get a review of all the rail accidents that have happened so far and the figure of how much punishment has been given to the culprits should be released. Otherwise such accidents cannot be stopped.

The tenth question is that on the one hand the Prime Minister visited the accident site and the hospitals where the injured are being treated. On the other hand, his BJP canceled all its programs on Saturday after this incident and the Odisha unit of the party rushed to help the injured, which is a big deal. If similar decisions had been taken by other parties including Congress, then the countrymen would have felt more confident that everyone is standing with them in times of crisis.

There are eleven questions that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speedy action by holding a review meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah and other ministers is appropriate. He talked about providing relief to the people of different states traveling in trains who have been affected by this horrific tragedy. Along with expressing condolence for the dead in this accident, said that all possible medical help will be provided to the injured. His government stands with the bereaved families of those who lost their loved ones.

There are twelve questions that the Prime Minister instructed to conduct a quick investigation into the accident and take strict action against the culprits. He appreciated the efforts of Odisha government, local administration and local people, especially the youth, for helping in the immediate relief and rescue work, who cooperated in the rescue work throughout the night. He also appreciated the local citizens for donating blood in large numbers to help the injured. He said that along with the relief and rescue operations, the Railway Department is working to restore traffic on the rail route at the earliest. Interacting with local officials, Disaster Relief Force personnel and Railway officials, the Prime Minister assured the government’s unwavering support to deal with the horrific tragedy.

The last question is that during his visit to Balasore, Odisha, the Prime Minister while addressing the media said that “This is a terrible accident. I am feeling unbearable pain from this and citizens of many states have lost something or the other in this journey.” Salute to those who have lost their lives. This is a very painful and disturbing incident beyond pain. This is a reflection of his public sensitivity. This has brought relief to the bereaved family members.

He further said, “The government will leave no stone unturned for the good health of the family members who have been injured. This incident is very serious for the government, instructions have been given for every kind of investigation and whoever is found guilty should be given the harshest punishment, he will not be spared.

The Prime Minister said, “I also congratulate the Orissa government, all the officials of the administration here, who tried to help the people in whatever way they had in this situation. Heartfelt congratulations to the citizens here as well. I do this because in this hour of crisis, be it blood donation or help in rescue operations, they have tried to do whatever they can, especially the youth of this area have worked hard throughout the night. “

He further said, “I also respectfully bow down to the citizens of this area that due to their cooperation, the operation could be carried forward at a faster pace. Railways has put its full strength, complete arrangements in the rescue operation for further relief and to restore the track as soon as possible.” Efforts have been made in a deliberate manner from all three points of view, but in this hour of grief, today I have visited the place and seen everything. Those injured in the hospital I have spoken to the citizens who were there. I have no words to express this pain. But may God give us all the strength to come out of this sad time as soon as possible. I am sure that we will overcome these incidents as well. Will learn a lot and will take forward our arrangements as much as possible giving priority to the safety of the citizens. It is a sad time, let us all pray for these families.

– Kamlesh Pandey

senior journalist and columnist

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