‘The Rise of Islamist Terrorism’ is a big threat not only to Israel but also to the entire world.

The brutal attacks by Hamas terrorists in Israel and the scenes of massacre of Jews are showing how brutal form terrorism is taking. The way this cruelty is coming to light through different incidents across the world also shows that terrorism has become the biggest problem in the world at present. Especially Islamic terrorism has increased the lines of worry on the forehead of global leaders because innocent and innocent people are becoming its victims. The biggest matter of concern is that in the name of fighting for their rights, some countries and organizations are bent on justifying the path of terrorism, whereas due to this, everyone only suffers loss.

If seen, not only Israel is suffering from the wounds caused by terrorism, but now the whole of Europe is in danger. Let us tell you that after the murders of a teacher in France and two Swedish football fans in Belgium, French President Emmanuel Macron has said that Islamic terrorism is increasing rapidly in Europe and it is a threat to all countries. This comment of Macron came during his visit to Albania. Let us tell you that this comment of the French President comes after a 45-year-old attacker, in a video posted online, described himself as a member of the Islamic State and confessed to the murder of two Swedish football fans in Brussels. Apart from this, on October 13, a 20-year-old man stabbed a school teacher to death and injured three others in the northern city of Arras in France. That attacker and murderer had also pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. Apart from this, France has recently gone through the biggest riots in its history. The blame for that riot was also placed on Islamic fundamentalists. Therefore, the comment of the French President regarding the spread of Islamic terrorism is very important. Let us also tell you that Macron has said in his interview that all European countries are unsafe because Islamic terrorism is actually resurgent. Apart from this, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, during his recent visit to America, had also cautioned Washington regarding the threat from Sunni Islamic terrorists there. Furthermore, Britain has also been the victim of several incidents stemming from Islamic fundamentalism in recent years.

If we talk about Islamic countries, it is clearly visible that some of them are trying to instigate people in the name of religion. As Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that if Israel’s crimes in Gaza continue, no one will be able to stop the resistance by Muslims around the world. If seen, this is an open attempt to instigate people in the name of religion. Apart from this, the way Islamic terrorist organizations like Hezbollah are standing and raising their voice in support of Hamas is also a warning to the whole world. Big things are said during the meetings of all the global forums, but what is needed is that dealing with terrorism should be made the top priority and without differentiating between its forms, all of them should be dealt with strictly.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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