The team of Google and Zorro will protect the guests of G-20 summit, know who they are and what is their job


Delhi G20 Summit Security Update: Later this week, 20 specially trained security members will be on duty at G20 venues. Karan, Google, Jarrow and their associates will be equipped with special gadgets including night vision glasses – doggles, walkie talkie. And every time they sniff out hidden explosives or gun down hostage-takers, they’ll probably wag their tails because they’re the four-legged soldiers of the National Security Guard’s elite K-9 squad.

Central government also called K-9 squad to Delhi

Yes, the security of the G20 summit to be held on 9-10 September in the country’s capital Delhi will be done by the Indian Army’s search squad and bomb disposal squad. Security is tight regarding the G-20 summit in Delhi. From commandos to intelligence agencies have also been deployed for the security of all the heads of state coming to Delhi. Now in this episode, the central government has also called the K-9 squad to Delhi. The Dog Squad Unit of Delhi Police is also trying to trace the dummy explosives. Let us tell you that it is called the third eye of any military squad. Specially trained dogs are kept in this squad, who are capable of dealing with any situation. Let us know what is K-9 squad-

What is K-9 Squad?

There is a special team of K-9 squad dogs, which consists of specially trained dogs. Their training is no less than that of a soldier. They have been deployed in Delhi under the security arrangements regarding G20. Their ability to smell is so tremendous that they can detect any hidden explosive substance. All these dogs are of the Belgian Malinois breed. Most of the forces have this K-9 team, be it CRPF, Delhi Police or Army.

What is the specialty of dogs of the Malinois breed?

Dogs of Malinois breed are quite different from common dogs. They are included in Special Forces around the world. The head of these dogs of Malinois breed is slightly bigger than that of common dogs. Their nose is also very wide. Due to this nose, these dogs detect the smell of many types of explosives and IEDs and find them. They are mostly used at airports, in rescue operations and also in war situations. In Delhi, these dogs will be engaged in the security of the heads of state of the guest countries in the G20.

Indian Army’s Search Squad and Bomb Disposal Squad will protect the G20 Summit

For your information, let us tell you that only a few days are left for the G-20 summit in the national capital Delhi. Preparations for this are now in the final stage. Delhi Police and security agencies are also keeping an eye on every movement in New Delhi. Along with this, regular rehearsals are also being done so that any untoward situation can be dealt with. The G20 Summit to be held in Delhi on September 9-10 will be guarded by the Indian Army’s Search Squad and Bomb Disposal Squad. According to army sources, the army has also deployed a counter-drone system to prevent possible attacks through drones. Along with this, the duty of 40 thousand people including Delhi Police personnel and volunteers has been engaged in the main event of G20 conference which lasts for 2 days.

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