The tragedy of the erosion of human sensibilities


attitude of time are changing. Human qualities are deteriorating in the air. Morality and ideals are auctioned off behind the material goals of Zar, Joru and Zameen. There is a lot of talk about restoring cultural dignity in the country. This nation was a land of gods and people with the highest human qualities lived here. Time changed and materialism started spreading. The nation’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few Dhankubers and crores of people, longing for small needs, stand in queues outside the subsidized distribution institutions. What to ask about cultural dignity there. Here the practice of keeping guns and pistols has created a new culture, a bloody culture. Pistols and guns are taken out for small things and ransom threats are received in broad daylight. People are shot dead for refusing. In such a situation, it seems that no one is safe while walking on the road.

There is no shortage of claims by the government to maintain law and order and operate the environment through discipline, but this is not visible in real life. Gradually, things like love and companionship for life or staying in the family bond for life have become things of the past. The news of such brutal killings is heard that the soul trembles. But the murderers and the accused do not feel remorse for any of their actions. Many times a murderer is caught, then smiling is also seen in the video. The story of Shraddha and Aftab has no doubt become old but it is an example of such a low trend. When I got bored with the person with whom I was living, I cut him into pieces. My mind trembles after reading such news and it seems that the world has become insensitive.

Now there is news of a stepmother that after the birth of her daughter, she killed her stepdaughter, broke her bones and threw her into a pond by filling them in a bucket. Man’s mind trembles that what kind of violent colony it has become where there is no spread of sensitivity and decency. Are human qualities a thing of the past? A few news of a day is enough to startle a man. Now there is a news that a mother did not have any child of her own. He adopted the daughter. To prevent him from working, she used to burn him with a hot iron. Blood oozed from the wounds of the girl. Even after committing such atrocity, the heart of the alleged mother did not tremble. When the girl was asked in school, she told the matter while crying. When asked the mother, she got rid of by apologizing for such an act. Now what is the guarantee that she will not repeat such inhumanity?

Brother fighting with brother fighting for the land has been going on since Mahabharata period where such a big war broke out between Kauravas and Pandavas for not giving even five villages. But today there is Mahabharata in every house. Even after everyone has got their share, such clever people are found who do not hesitate to send it to the other world to grab the other’s share. Fearless criminals are becoming the identity of the society. The victims are not heard.

Along with this violence, a new world of fraud and hoaxes has also started. Despite registering an FIR on the complaint after being cheated, there is no visible activism of the guardians of the law. Even in cyber crimes, even ten percent of the FIRs registered are not caught. In our society, the message has been given to keep parents equal to God. But now the behavior of old parents by their children is not even worth describing. Parents are thrown out of the house like useless things or advised to go to old age homes. It is the misfortune of this country that old age homes here are not developed like western countries. The condition of the rich people after taking shelter there cannot be described.

Due to lack of proper employment in the country, parents send their children abroad even after selling their present to make a better future. After this, their relationship remains only on telephone or video calling. The condition becomes such that even after they die, the children are unable to leave their work and come to the country. Through phone calls, they get the funeral homes booked for their cremation. Yes, if any property is left, they immediately come to distribute it. After quarrels and disputes, they leave like strangers taking their respective parts.

Recently, a triple murder took place in Ludhiana. The case behind him seems to be only of enmity as no valuables are missing from the house. A retired ASI, his wife and son were murdered, that too with brutality. There is no dearth of children who raise their hands on their parents, who do not desist from killing them even if they do not get money for drugs. Where did that sentiment go? When the parents gave birth to them, brought them up with pampering, educated them and now eyeing their hard earned money, the people of the new generation consider only physical happiness to be the goal of their life while severing all relationships. . Gardens, animals, birds, fruits, flowers remain or go, it is necessary for them that money which they can get in legal or illegal way. That’s why hollow claims of rejuvenation have remained in the society.

In fact, today a person does not think about any change in life, only thinks about filling his pocket. That’s why the degradation of moral values ​​in this society and showing oneself sitting at a high level through ostentation has become the identity of today’s life. The virtues of India’s joint family system have been sung since ages. But nowadays it has become difficult for husband and wife to live together. Sons don’t care about their parents as soon as they are young. How to return correct values ​​in such environment?

There is no book culture which shows them the way. Yes, only bitter experiences of life can bring them back from this path. But if bitter experiences give them the message to flee the country as is happening nowadays, how will there be a renaissance of human sensitivity? These are the questions which are not only standing in front of the future generation but also the elders are troubled by them. The return of these tears may be the return of moral values. But who will bring them back? If only a few people from among the youth rise up and give voice to the right values, then things will happen.
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(Credits: The Daily)
Suresh Seth

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