The whole family perished due to loan fraud, these mistakes made out of greed will cost you dearly


There is no need to tell how much the trap of loan scam has spread. People are getting trapped in loan app scam. Not only this, many people even end their lives by getting trapped in this trap. One such case has come to light in which husband-wife, an 8-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter took their own lives. He was so upset that he thought it right to take his own life. This case pertains to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Not only loan, it is a matter of cyber fraud:

This matter is not only of loan scam but also of cyber fraud. Burdened with cyber frauds and loans, the family was left with no option but to commit suicide. Bhupendra Vishwakarma had written in his suicide note that he had received a message on his WhatsApp number in which he was offered money for likes. Explain that in this type of work, fraudsters often trap people in scamming, for which they offer jobs like Money for Like.

In this job, a person has to like YouTube videos, for which he is also paid. First of all, users are given money so that they can trust the company. Then later he is lured to earn more money. For this scammers ask people to invest money. Then when the person wants the return of his invested money, he is asked to invest more money. The person invests more money in greed.

Pink WhatsApp Scam can cause big loss to you

Loan taken to invest money:
This person took a loan to invest more money. He had also mentioned this in his suicide note. In such cases only fraudsters offer loans. Interest is charged many times more in this. After this, many permissions are sought on downloading these loan apps. Users do not understand at that time that how many permissions hackers take from them through the app. After this, when the person is unable to repay the loan, the hackers call everyone present in his contact and the person’s image is tarnished.

How to avoid this scam:

  • If someone offers you a work from home job, then do not get trapped in this trap.
  • If you are thinking about freelancing with someone, then you have to do a thorough investigation of that company.
  • If any app offers you one touch loan, then you should not believe it.
  • You should not trust any unknown loan apps.
  • Before taking a loan from any platform, see what they have to give you in lieu of it.

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