There are glimpses of Kohli in Babar: Moody


New DelhiFormer Australian cricketer and coach Tom Moody has said that he sees glimpses of Indian legend Virat Kohli in Pakistan captain Babar Azam. Moody said in a program of Star Sports, ‘He reminds me of Virat Kohli to a great extent. The way he plays traditional cricket shots. He seems to read and understand the game very well, which Kohli has done for over a decade. He also chases runs very well, as Virat Kohli has been doing for many years. He said, ‘There are many similarities between the two. I won’t say that Virat will have a better Asia Cup than Babar Azam, but they both can have equal pressure and will be fun to watch.” Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar also praised Babar, though he also said That consistency over a long period of time is what makes players like Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar great.

Manjrekar said, “Players like Tendulkar and Virat Kohli have had careers of around 10-15 years and whenever a rising star comes, he is compared to these players who have been in the race for a long time. have been It can be a bit unfair at times but the greatness of these two guys is that they play cricket at the best of an emerging player for long periods of time. Babar and Kohli will be face to face in the India-Pakistan Asia Cup match on September 2. If India and Pakistan reach the final of the tournament, the two teams can face each other thrice.

Meanwhile, Moody said that Babar is also coping with the increasing pressure of captaincy and will get better with time. Moody said, “Captaincy of any Asian team is very difficult. People pay attention to small things. When you take a step that may not be right at that time, suddenly a lot of experts start pointing fingers at you. I think he is still struggling with the increasing pressure of captaincy. He said, ‘He will keep getting better. There are also many experienced players around him who have played captaincy roles, be it in franchise cricket or in their domestic cricket. I am sure he will take advantage of them.

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