There is a need for a stop to the war and human suffering in the Gaza Strip.


The UN Security Council has adopted a new resolution calling for an immediate end to the war and humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip, calling for a ceasefire and the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. The resolution is a compassionate and humanitarian cry for the month of Ramadan, which began on March 11, and calls for the release of the remaining 130 people held hostage during the attacks on Israel. To put an end to the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, to create a light of peace, an atmosphere of fear, to wish for good and to spread prosperity, the United Nations Security Council must strongly implement peace efforts and ceasefire. Man’s fearful mind should be freed from the horrors of war. These two countries should become fearless and make the world fearless. Certainly this will not be the victory of any one country or the other but the victory of the entire human race. This is necessary in view of the urgency of the situation and realizing this need, both the countries should be ready to withdraw their respective armies. There is also a need to respond to the huge needs in Gaza and to provide humanitarian aid to the needy population, because the people there are on the verge of starvation.

This is the first time during this fierce war that has been going on for six months, that the United Nations Security Council has passed a ceasefire resolution. This became possible because America refrained from vetoing it. Certainly this resolution of the Security Council is an expression of the pressure arising from world public opinion. Big powerful nations should support this ceasefire proposal and make efforts to implement it. When Israel talked about taking action against the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, the sympathy of many countries including America and India was with it. But the way Israel started air strikes in Gaza and the news of civilian casualties started coming from there, the voice became louder that Israel should change the nature of its campaign. So far, there are reports of about 32 thousand people killed in Gaza, most of whom are women and children. India has always been anti-war, its efforts for ceasefire have been continuous. There should not be any illusion in any country that India is sitting idly by. India has rightly conveyed to the UN Security Council that it is in touch with all parties concerned and is urging them to return to the negotiating table. Undoubtedly, India should remain engaged in peace, cease-fire and relief efforts in favor of humanity. It is the result of such efforts of India that the United Nations Security Council has passed such a ceasefire resolution.

Several Security Council meetings have been held to put an end to the violent conflict in the Gaza Strip, but at present this has not been possible. Fighting was halted for a week in November 2023 and an exchange of hostages from Gaza and Palestinians from Israel took place. But after this the fight flared up again and has intensified. The death toll in Gaza and the number of Palestinians affected by hunger and malnutrition are continuously increasing. In view of this, the demand to stop the fighting as soon as possible and provide relief to human suffering is also becoming stronger. It is a matter of shame for humanity to suffer and suffer like this in any part of the world. It is shameful for powerful and decisive nations to continue to bear this shame. Now that a meaningful initiative has been taken, it should be welcomed.

The entire world and its countries are continuously demanding an end to the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, but it was a matter of regret that the calls of public sentiment and humanity expressed in the demonstrations taking place in different countries were not united. It was not able to come out in the form of a proposal of the National Security Council. America itself had earlier vetoed three proposals related to Gaza ceasefire. Despite abstaining from voting on Monday, he allowed this proposal to be passed, which is being seen as a significant change in his stand till now. Israel may have reacted sharply to this alleged change in American stance. Israeli PM Netanyahu this week announced the cancellation of the program of a high-level delegation going to America for talks. Although America has denied any change in its stance, it is still believed that America’s latest step is a clear indication that Israel should not take its support for granted. Even though the failure of America and its allies has deepened the crisis by creating a vacuum in the international diplomatic arena, now with America’s changed stance, there is a possibility of the light of peace and not the darkness of war. This change in America’s stance and the Security Council resolution are positive signs. But still there is still darkness regarding their possible consequences, it seems too early to reach any conclusion and decisive mode. However, right now the matter is not about the very long and complex dispute between Israel and Palestine, but is limited only to the possibilities of ending the ongoing war in Gaza and releasing the hostages. But this limited target is also surrounded by many uncertainties. In such a situation, at present the only hope and appeal that can be made is that all concerned parties adopt a positive and flexible attitude in this matter.

It may be a matter of ceasefire in Gaza now, but wherever war is, it is a cause of destruction, a means of blocking development and disrupting peace and tranquility. The war has been going on between Russia and Ukraine for a long time. Hamam and Israel have also been at war for a long time. Continuing to be at war like this is an extraordinary and highly sensitive matter in itself, which is like pushing the entire world towards destruction and devastation. The occurrence of such a war will push back both the conquerors and the conquered nations for centuries; apart from causing material loss, it will also become a major cause of disability and disability for humanity. Keeping in mind the world peace and protection of humanity, the warring countries should move towards a ceasefire. Unless the ego of the warring countries is subsumed, the possibilities of war will continue to float in the fields, in the seas and in the sky, hence there is a need that the war should no longer be fought in the world but in weapons. It is a good wish that now humans should live and survive not on the strength of machines but on the strength of emotions, development and love.

– Lalit Garg

Writer, Journalist, Columnist

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