There was no blinking, no waving shawl, makers had to struggle to cast Shubh Joshi’s character in ‘Asur 2’


This year’s most popular web series ‘Asur 2’ raised many questions in people’s mind due to its story. From the actors to its unique cast and story everyone is talking about it. As soon as the first and second parts are over, now the fans have started waiting for its third part. ‘Asur 2’ director Oni Sen says he took it easy to write all his characters in the web show in such a way that they have both positive and negative aspects. The first season of ‘Asur’ released on VOOT in 2020, while the second season came out last month on Jio Cinema.

In an exclusive conversation with Hindustan Times, Asur 2 director Oni talks about his favorite scenes from the show, how its lead villain Shubh Joshi’s role was so well received, and working on a thriller based on Hindu mythology How difficult it was for him. Along with this, Oni also told one thing about Shubh Joshi’s role, how he chose the right actor for that role, what kind of planning had to be done for the character.

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How was the character of Shubh created?

The director said, ‘I usually write a lot about the characters so that we get an idea of ​​who to cast. I didn’t want Shubh to be a bad guy or a villain. He is just a boy whose circumstances are different from others and affect him differently. But he has a brilliant mind. There is a peace in him. If you look closely, his eyes hardly move, blink very rarely, and there is a pause in his character. Even when he speaks, there is no violence or enmity visible in his words. His shawl never flutters.’

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Director’s favorite scene

Oni continued, ‘This graph reaches its final stop when he kills his grandfather. This is one of my favorite scenes. Amazing acting by both Deepak and Abhishek and you can even see tears rolling down their cheeks. There is love, there is hate, and for a moment I felt and wanted everyone to feel that there is something in this man (Shubh) that makes you feel it.’

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