This BLDC Ceiling Fan is very stylish, the wind is also strong, it saves electricity


The temperature is sweltering these days. Due to the heat, even the fans are running day and night. Due to this the electricity bill is also increasing. We are telling you about some such ceiling fans with BLDC technology which are not only stylish but also give very good air. Not only this, they also save electricity due to which the bill comes down considerably.Superfan Q Series

Superfan’s Super Q Series fans give very good air. During use, we found its airflow quite good. Remote control is provided with it. With its help, you can not only control the speed of the fan but also turn it on and off. Also, you can set the time of the fan and do it on eco mode. Apart from this, many other functions are given in the remote.

Some of the features of this fan are as follows:

The fan speed of its 1500mm span is 210 RPM and airflow is 340 CMM. Due to the large span, its air comes much better.

This BEE 5 star rated fan saves a lot of electricity (up to 69%).

– It heats up to 70% less than other fans during operation, allowing it to run continuously for long periods of time without discomfort.

An LED is also fitted in this fan with three blades.

– While walking, we felt its sound very less. That means you can sleep peacefully after running it.

– Its price is 6500 rupees. It can also be purchased from the official website of the company.

Crompton Silent Pro Blossom

If you are looking for a stylish and multifunctional fan, then Crompton’s Silent Pro Blossom can be the best option for you. Its design is quite premium. This fan is totally smart. It also has an LED light. Its three options (Neutral, Warm and Cool) have been given. This BEE 5 star rated fan saves up to 50% electricity.

Along with this, a remote control with display is also available. With its help, you can control the speed of the fan and can also turn the fan on-off. Also, you can change the color of the fan’s light according to your mood. You can set the timer of the fan from the remote and can also put it in sleep mode. All the information comes on the display of the remote.

Apart from this, some of the features of the fan are as follows:

Compared to other fans, this fan makes very less noise while running. When we started it, the sound of this fan was very less compared to other fans.

This fan can also be controlled through an app by connecting it to Wi-Fi. Also, you can give voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

IoT feature has been given in it, with the help of which you can enjoy many of its features.

This fan runs smoothly even on low and high voltage electricity. Anti dust coating has been done on it so that dust does not accumulate on it.

Air delivery of 1200mm spread is 220 CMM and speed is 300 RPM.

Its price is Rs 11,899. You can also buy it from online platform.

Atomberg Ikano

This fan of Atomberg is also no less than anyone in saving electricity. Along with giving better air, it saves up to 65 percent electricity. LED indicators are provided in the fan. Remote control is also provided with this fan. With its help, you can turn the fan on-off with speed control. Apart from these, sleep mode, timer mode and LED light control are also provided in the remote.

Some of the features of this fan are as follows:

There is no effect on the speed of this fan even at low voltage.

– Air delivery of 1200mm fan is 230 CMM and speed is 365 RPM.

Boost mode has been given in this fan which can be accessed from remote.

Its cost is Rs 3,120. You can also buy it from online platform.

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