This electric three wheeler of Bajaj Auto is creating panic in India, earning more in less cost


New Delhi : Bajaj Auto, a two-wheeler and three-wheeler maker in India, has recently launched the electric three wheeler Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0. The specialty of this three wheeler of the company is that it costs less and earns more. Many great features and advanced specifications including new technology and big battery have been included in this three wheeler of Bajaj Auto. This new electric auto rickshaw from Bajaj offers a better range of up to 178 kilometers in a single charge. Apart from the driver, this three wheeler with 3 passenger seating capacity gives you maximum profit with minimum maintenance and fuel cost.

Battery & Charger

Now if we talk about the battery of Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0, then the battery of this auto rickshaw is of 8 to 9 kwh capacity. This auto rickshaw can provide a range of 178 kilometers in a single charge. It generates 36 NM torque and the gradeability of this three wheeler is 29 percent.

Specifications of Bajaj RE e-tec 9.0

  • In this auto rickshaw you get on board charger. With this you do not have to carry a separate charger board.

  • The new Bajaj RE e-TEC 9.0 auto rickshaw is powered by an advanced PMS motor, which provides better performance.

  • This three wheeler generates 36 NM torque.

  • This three wheeler comes with a big battery of 8.9 kwh capacity.

  • It gets 29 percent gradeability.

  • This makes driving on flyovers or uphill roads easier.

  • Its chassis is strong and its body is made from metal.

  • The company has provided a warranty of 36 months or 80,000 kilometers on this auto rickshaw.

  • It gets CV drive shaft, which reduces the maintenance cost and makes the vehicle more durable.

  • The key features of the New Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 Auto Rickshaw are pretty impressive. In these, regenerative braking system comes with sensing mechanism. In addition, there is hill hold assist as well. Whereas it has a 2 speed automatic transmission.

Other Features

Bajaj RE E TEC 9.0 Auto Rickshaw comes with many more features. Its cabin is comfortable and more spacious. Apart from the driver, it gets comfortable seats for 3 passengers. The three wheeler comes shod with tubeless radial studded tyres. On the other hand, its front looks quite attractive with its big windshield. Two halogen indicators have been given in it. You can choose this three wheeler in two colors Blue or White.

Earn more with less cost

Let us tell you that with the new Bajaj RE E-TEC 9.0 auto rickshaw, you can earn more in less cost. It has a big battery, which provides a range of 178 kilometers on a single charge. At the same time, its maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour. This auto rickshaw can be charged in just 4.30 hours. This saves your time and from this you can earn extra. Due to the eco mode system in it, it runs for more kilometers. Maintenance cost is less in this. In this, the CV driver shaft reduces the maintenance cost and makes the vehicle more durable.

pocket friendly price

Despite having so many advanced specifications and great features, the New Bajaj RE E TEC 9.0 Auto Rickshaw price ranges from Rs.3.07 Lakh to Rs.3.17 Lakh. This price is within easy reach of the customers and can be called pocket friendly. You can also buy it at the on road price. For this it is necessary to visit our Truck Junction website.

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