This girl is earning 100 crores every night even after breakup, she has only one gown worth 17 lakh rupees


The world’s most famous designers made clothes and shoes

For Taylor’s tour, a team of the world’s most famous designers and brands have designed everything from clothes to shoes. From Zuhair Murad to Versace, El Saab, Roberto Cavalli, many big names have designed each and every thing for the special singer. This is the reason why the price of everything is so much that only the golden shock takes place.

A gown worth 17 lakh rupees

A gown worth 17 lakh rupees

According to information available on the internet, the cheapest outfit worn in the tour costs $1,500, which is equivalent to Rs 1,23,120 in Indian currency. The collection of outfits also has clothes worth 8 lakhs, 10 lakhs and 12 lakhs. While the most expensive outfit is Zuher Murad’s tool gown, which costs around Rs 17 lakh.

Not only on the stage, usually the clothes of this beauty are so expensive

Not only on the stage, usually the clothes of this beauty are so expensive

It is not that Taylor has chosen such expensive clothes only for the tour, but from her normal life to red carpet appearances, this Bala wears tremendously expensive clothes.

For example, the colourblock gown Taylor is seen wearing in this picture was priced at $17,990, which is more than Rs 14 lakh in Indian currency. Similarly, in the year 2019, she wore a short dress for an award show, which cost more than Rs 24 lakh.

Brother even shoes are not cheap

Brother  even shoes are not cheap

Leave aside the clothes, even the shoes of this beauty are so expensive that the common man cannot even think of buying them. Their minimum cost is in lakhs.

By the way, let us tell you that Taylor’s most favorite brands include Christian Louboutin. Be it hanging out with friends or attending an event, the diva is mostly seen in heels from this label.

The same brand even designed custom footwear for Taylor for the Era Tour.

broke up a while ago

broke up a while ago

Let us tell you that Taylor Swift has already had a breakup with her long time boyfriend. This information came in the media when the tour had started. Despite the heartbreak and various comments from people, Taylor continued with her tour. While doing the world tour, this beauty is earning 13 million dollars i.e. about 103 crore rupees from every performance night.

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