This is the biggest fear of Mirzapur fame Rasika Duggal’s life… the actress herself revealed


Rasika Duggal, one of the popular faces of the OTT platform, is currently seen in Amazon Prime Video’s web series Adhoora. This is the first time that actress Rasika Duggal has become a part of the horror genre project. Excerpts from the conversation with Urmila Kori on many aspects including her web series, fear of her personal life…

What was most appealing to you in this web series?

It was a genre that I had never experimented with before. This was a reason. Secondly, I felt that this is such a story and the way Ananya has written it. Even if you remove the horror and thriller side of it, it is very sensitive and engaging. After keeping all these aspects in mind, I felt that it would be fun to play this character. Apart from the story, my character Supriya also has many layers. He is a counselor in the school, after seeing whom you feel that everything is fine in his life. Something or the other happens in everyone’s life, which makes them uncomfortable. Supriya is also no different from this.

Imagination and background music are important while acting in the horror genre, did you feel the same while doing this series?

It is not much different from any other genre in terms of acting. Sometimes while shooting in other genres, what you are seeing is not in front of you, so imagination is a part of our acting process. There is nothing new. Yes sound design is very important in this genre. In Adhoora, music is not inserted just for the horror effect, but it is an important part of the story and scene. To give you an example, this story is set in a school. It has been told in the beginning of the story that construction work is going on at a place near the school. Many times you get the sound of thak-thak in the show, it is because of that. Scaring just to be scared. This is that kind of series. It has a very solid story and every aspect is well tied to each other.

Do you check the monitor while acting?

Actually I believe in not checking the monitor, but sometimes out of curiosity I do. If I follow my own rule, for a good performance it would be best if you don’t look at the monitor, because there is a lot left to be added to it. what you are looking for. Something will come before him, something will come behind. Something will be added to it. When DI is applied in it, it will be dark or bright. When sound is applied in it, it will become scary or it will become light hearted. All these things happen. What you are seeing will not remain the same because there will be a lot of change in it. By the way, even if I see the monitor, I do not see it at all in the middle of the scene. If a scene is done, curiosity increases that I have tried a new thing to see whether it is working or not. I see the bus once after the scene is done.

With the launch of this series, there are reports that after shooting for Adhoora, you are scared to go alone in your room?

Even before the shooting of Adhoora, if I was alone in the room, I used to get scared because I am a big coward. It doesn’t take much to scare me. There was no fear during the shooting of Adhoora, because there were people on the sets. Yes, I was scared while reading the script. It felt incomplete even after seeing the screen. I haven’t seen horror movies. Have seen only one horror movie so far. When I was 10 years old, I went to Nainital on vacation with my family. There we children watched the film 100 Days together. My condition had become bad. After that I have never seen any horror film. I didn’t watch classic horror films even in film school. If you live alone in the hostel, you feel more scared after watching a horror film.

Where has this series been shot and how was the experience?

The shooting of this series has been done in the Nilgiris of Ooty. I have also shot both the seasons of Out of Love there. The place is such that you get to spend time with yourself too, so it is always fun to shoot there.

Child actor Shrenik is an important part of the series, says shooting with kids is not easy?

Yes, working with children can be difficult. One has to be very sensitive while shooting with him. By the way, Shrenik is a very intelligent child. You don’t need to entertain him. He always had books on the set. He used to finish a book in a day. He used to have fun while shooting on the set and reading books. I did not feel that I am shooting with children.

This series is of horror genre, what is your biggest fear in real life?

Every year there is a new fear. By the way, there is always a fear that one day I will wake up in the morning and forget acting.

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