This is the future Suzuki Wagon-R, claims 230 km driving range on single charge, know complete details

Suzuki eWX driving range 230 km

Suzuki eWX Concept

It has been claimed that Suzuki eWX Concept It has a driving range of 230 km and is said to be a fun and practical mini wagon. Suzuki will be showcasing a number of electric mobility vehicles at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo between October 26 and November 5. Its total length will be 3,395 mm, width 1,475 mm and height 1,620 mm.

Suzuki eWX Useful car for everyday life

Suzuki eWX Concept

The Suzuki eWX Concept is said to be ‘a crossover of fun and practical mini wagon’ unique to the Japanese brand and is touted to support ‘people’s daily lives with the clean and simple body shape of an EV’. In short, the eWX is designed with an emphasis on durability as well as everyday utility. Suzuki has claimed that its driving range on a single charge will be 230 km.

Suzuki does not reveal battery and electric motor options for eWX concept

Suzuki eWX Concept

However, Suzuki has not revealed the battery and electric motor options for the eWX concept. The Wagon R-like silhouette with tall pillars and boxy proportions, while the neon highlights are reminiscent of the Mini Electric concept. The straight front fascia comprises C-shaped light units connected to an LED light bar and the illuminated Suzuki logo sits in the middle.

Suzuki eWX concept’s amazing design

Suzuki eWX Concept

Neon highlights can be seen on the front bumper with vertical intake gapping and gray insert in the middle which gives it a unique look. Neon accents are also available on the window frame, wing mirrors and alloy wheels. The rear styling is similar to the front but the red highlights on the bumper and the glass panel give the eWX concept a frameless look.

Suzuki eWX Concept Interior

Suzuki eWX Concept

The interior features a square-shaped two-spoke steering wheel with chrome-finished Suzuki badges, minimal buttons below the widescreen display, unique plus and minus signs on the dashboard, different textures on the door pads and dash, a small console that Is. The dashboard gives a floating look with buttons for power windows and other functions.

Suzuki eWX concept features many other features

Suzuki eWX Concept

Just like the exterior, the cabin features neon highlights on the dashboard as well as the seats. We hope some of these features make their way to production.

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