This is the most expensive thing in the world, it is very difficult to make


A 2.2 kg wheel of Cabrales blue cheese was auctioned at a local cheese festival held in the Principality of Asturias. It cost €30,000 (approx Rs 27 lakh). Interestingly, the previous record (made in 2019) was also given to blocks of the same type of cheese.

Every year in August, a contest is held at a place called Las Arenas de Cabrales in Spain, in which the best handmade cheese is auctioned. This time the Spanish restaurant Llagar de Colloto has bought a special thing for millions. Only 2.2 kg cheese has been auctioned for 30 thousand Euros i.e. around 27 lakh rupees.

The creation of cheese begins with carefully selected raw cow’s milk, which is often mixed with milk from sheep and goats. After four months of careful aging in the mountainous terrain of the Cabrales region, the 4,593-foot cave, which is kept at a steady 44.6F, becomes the maturation chamber for at least eight months. conversion of the wheel [ऊँचे स्थान] It took place inside a cave located in a small town called “de Cabrales”, a place so strange that the names of the streets are unknown.

After acclimatising, Rachna descends from the top of the mountain to a nearby road, an hour’s walk. Its journey ends up in the $30-$35 price range for a little over two pounds, which is comparable to the price of a premium steak in the wholesale market.

Cheese made from raw cow’s milk or cow’s milk, sheep’s milk

When asked the address of her factory, Ms. Wada said “Pu de Cabrales. The town is so small that they don’t name the streets. It’s best to ask. The normal price of Cabrales is €35 to €40 per kilo. The cheeses are made using raw cow’s milk or a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk and matured in the caves of the Cabrales region in the Picos de Europa National Park. The matured cheese is carried down the mountain from the caves on foot. The previous Guinness World Record price was set in 2019 for €20,500 for a cheese bought by Mr Suarez.

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