This time’s general budget was going to live up to the expectations of the common man.

The central government has presented the final budget for its second term. Although no major changes have been made in this budget, just as India’s condition and direction appear to have improved due to the previous budget, the same path has been followed in this budget. It is noteworthy that through the previous budgets, India has established a global dimension by creating new records in the matter of economy. Which is not only being discussed in the entire country, but many countries of the world are praising these economic steps of India. During the Corona period, while on one hand the economy of many big countries of the world had collapsed, on the other hand, India, with all its might, determined a path which is capable of making India developed. This time’s budget will definitely be said to be capable of lifting India out of poverty, because in this budget the central government has again focused on those things which open the doors of progress for the poor people of India.

The central government does not look at the people of India on the basis of castes. In his eyes there are only four castes in the country. In which only farmers, youth, women and poor come. Irrespective of which caste he belongs to… this has also been taken care of in this budget. In fact, in a country where these four classes become strong, no one can stop that country from moving on the path of progress. During the tenure of Modi government, India has raced on the path of development. Till now crores of real poor have got housing in this country. Before this, there was distribution of houses built under government facilities. In which many houses were available only to the family members of the leaders, which had taken the form of a big scam. The Modi government at the Center worked in a transparent manner and provided housing only to those poor who really needed it. This housing should be made available to every class, be it Hindu or Muslim. The government is working considering the entire people of India as its family. Its slogan is also Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas. In this time’s budget, the Central Government has made a provision that in the coming time, two crore houses will be constructed to bring the poor society of the country out of poverty. With this, laborers whose major part of their income was spent on house rent, will be saved from this. This step of Modi government will be said to fulfill Modi’s guarantee. Therefore, this budget is also being said to fulfill Modi’s guarantee. Overall, it would not be an exaggeration if this budget is described as one that empowers the poor.

The Central Government has also taken special care of the business class in this budget. The government has kept the income tax unchanged. Similarly, emphasis has also been laid on women’s development. Government Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that through this budget, three crore more women will be made millionaires. The Modi government has also paid major attention to infrastructure, which is considered the main cornerstone of development. The budget has been increased for its development. It is said that the country which has strong infrastructure runs faster on the path of development. Because this saves time and the work also becomes easier. This budget is considered to be very effective in making traffic easier. However, ever since the Modi government came to power, work is being done at a fast pace to develop infrastructure. The work which used to take years is being done of high quality in months during the tenure of this government. Transparency has been brought in these works. Similarly, a comprehensive outline for the convenience of railway passengers is also visible in this budget. 40 thousand general class coaches will be developed on the lines of Vande Bharat. So that the rail travel of the poor people of India can become comfortable. Similarly, a provision has also been made in this budget to complete the incomplete railway project very soon. Besides, three new projects have also been proposed. Due to this, this budget is being considered as a very balanced budget.

This budget of Modi government is being considered as a step taken towards economic empowerment. Which will create a new picture for the strength of India. The strong image of India that is visible in the countries of the world today has been possible only because of the economic policies of the present central government. India is again moving strongly on the same path to fulfill the dream of a developed India. This step will put India on the throne of world leader.

-Suresh Hindustani

(The author is a senior journalist)

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