This top actress had even failed IVF and surrogacy, then what happened would be called God’s charisma

four year struggle

In a series on her YouTube channel, Amrita and her husband Anmol talked about their pregnancy struggle. Both told that after four years of struggle, a son was born to them. From the year 2016 to 2020, Amrita and Anmol struggled to become parents. Many difficulties came in front of him in this journey and many times his courage was also broken.

visits to gynecologist

Amrita said that both of them had been visiting gynecologists’ clinics for three years and had tried everything from surrogacy, IUI and IVF, homeopathy and Ayurveda. When Amrita came to know that she was not able to conceive naturally, she first tried IVF but that too failed and after that the doctor advised her to go for surrogacy.

Even surrogacy had failed

Even surrogacy had failed

Amrita said that when she came to know about the option of surrogacy, the first thought that came to her mind was that she would not have to get pregnant. But his troubles did not end here. It was learned that the surrogate mother also had a miscarriage. Due to this, the courage of both was broken. Both had even started thinking whether they should have a child or not. From IVF, IUI, Ayurveda to surrogacy had failed due to which the courage of both had become very weak.

miracle happened again

miracle happened again

Finally in the year 2020, Amrita got pregnant. The actress told that after getting a blood test done on March 11, she came to know that Amrita is pregnant and in the year 2020, in November, Amrita gave birth to a baby boy. Amrita advised couples trying to conceive that couples should not take too much stress as nothing is in their hands in this matter, they can just try.
Amrita’s case was really different and what happened to her was no less than a miracle. If you are also trying to conceive, do not give up.

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