Those who have no hands, they also have luck.

People associate the lines on the hand with luck, but there is an old saying that ‘Those who do not have hands also have luck.’ This saying suits India’s armless archer Sheetal Devi, who created history by winning two gold medals in Para Archery in the Asian Games.

Armless archer Sheetal Devi’s next aim is to achieve the top position for the country in the Paris Paralympics. Sheetal said this on the occasion of the cover launch of the book ‘Being You’ that she is practicing hard to win a medal in the Paralympics. This 16-year-old player from Jammu said that my next goal is to win a medal for the country in the Paris Paralympics. I will work very hard for that. Only if I work harder I will be able to get a medal for the country. This player from the remote area of ​​Kishtwar was adopted by the Indian Army in his childhood.

In July, she started her golden journey by winning the gold medal in the Para World Archery Championship by defeating Singapore’s Aleem Noor S by 144.142. Sheetal was greatly influenced by American armless archer Matt Stutzman. Stutzman attracted worldwide attention by winning a medal at the London Paralympics (2012). He said that when I started archery, someone showed me Stutzman’s video. Later I got a chance to meet him. I enjoyed meeting him very much. He encouraged me. Sheetal said that she concentrates completely on giving her best performance without taking the pressure of medal. He said that even if the match is close, I do not take any pressure in my mind. Once the games start, I try to do my best without thinking about win-loss or medals.

Sheetal had won a gold medal in the women’s individual compound category at the Asian Para Games along with gold in the compound mixed category and silver in the women’s doubles. He appealed to the disabled people to leave despair and try their hand in sports. Sheetal said that people like me should not give up. Even if you don’t get this success, don’t lose courage. I have seen people who give up the game after losing once or twice. I would tell such people to continue whatever game they are in, there are wins and losses. Sheetal is suffering from a congenital disease called ‘Phocomelia’. In this disease, the organs are not able to develop completely but even after not having arms, his courage never diminished. Sheetal said that I was getting an artificial hand fitted but it was very heavy.

Salute to Sheetal’s determination and pray to God that she achieves her goal. Sheetal is a source of inspiration for everyone today. Those who are afraid of the struggle of life should take inspiration from Sheetal’s life and continue their hard work honestly to achieve their goals.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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