three friends start online venture baking cake success story


New Delhi: Big things can be achieved even by starting small. For this one just needs to have the courage to do something. If this is the case then the biggest success can be achieved. Three friends have done something similar. After completing college, all three together started their business from the basement of the building. All the three friends worked hard together and today the business of the company has reached in crores of rupees. We are talking about three partners of Bakingo and Flower Aura company. Their names are Himanshu Chawla, Sharry Sehgal and Suman Patra. Together these three started their startup with only two lakh rupees. He had to face a lot of difficulties in the beginning. But he did not give up and it is the result of his hard work that today the company has reached this stage.

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this is how it started

Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal and Suman Patra were friends since college. All three started their first venture named Flower Aura in the year 2010 by investing Rs 2 lakh. This company used to do online flowers, cakes and personalized gifting. He started this company from a basement in Gurgaon. His company had only one employee who looked after customer service as well as operation and delivery.

All three had also worked for a few years after completing their studies in the year 2006. But, by the year 2010, all the three friends were fed up with their jobs and had made a plan to start their own business.

This person who was a school dropout did not give up, earned crores of rupees by selling shoes, now going to do this work

recognized as such

His business got recognition on Valentine’s Day in the year 2010. On this day, his work increased so much that the rest of the company’s partners also had to deliver online delivery orders. That day Himanshu and Shrey did 50% of the deliveries themselves in Delhi NCR. After this, with the demand for the company’s products gradually increasing, these three friends felt that this is the right time to take the company forward. After this, in 2016, Himanshu, Shrey and Suman Patra started a separate brand named Bakingo under their new company.

Once upon a time, he used to study sitting under a tree, there was no electricity in the house, today his name comes in the top billionaires of India.

started fresh cake delivery

Bakingo has started fresh cake delivery in many cities of the country. Currently the company is providing its service in 11 states. Along with the metro cities of the country Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Delhi-NCR, the company is now planning to start service in small cities like Meerut, Panipat, Rohtak, Karnal as well. Urban bakeries make only 5-10 types of cakes, whereas Bakingo has 500 varieties of cakes. According to Bakingo’s website, the company is capable of delivering a cake to any city in the country within two hours of placing an order. Tell that today the turnover of startup Flower Ora is 60 crores and that of Bekingo is 75 crores. About 650 employees work in both the companies.

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