Thursday Born Personality: If today is your birthday, then know what is the nature of those born on Thursday


Thursday Born Baby Personality Traits: Every day of the week is dedicated to some God, like Monday to Lord Shiva, Tuesday to Hanuman, Wednesday to Ganesha and Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Exactly the same thing happens with those born on this day. Let us tell you that people born on Thursday or Thursday are blessed by Lord Vishnu. According to astrology and scriptures, children born on Thursday are very strong and intelligent.

How are people born on Thursday?

People who are born on Thursday have more influence of Jupiter. Such people are of religious nature and serious thinkers. People born on Thursday are sociable and think about everyone’s interest. On the other hand, if the condition of the Guru is not good, then these people can also become hypocrites. These people are a bit stingy type. Money accumulates with them. These people are social reformers and have good thoughts.

Education of people born on Thursday

They have a special inclination towards education. He becomes a good friend as a guide. They are social reformers and great thinkers. Religious tendency prevents them from going in wrong ways. Money remains stable with them, they look like stingy but they are not, but they are thrifty.

Health and diseases of people born on Thursday

The people born on Thursday are mostly healthy. They rarely get diseases. Obesity, sugar, fat, flatulence, phlegm, swelling, diseases of the lungs mainly disturb.

Passionate love life of Thursday born people

When it comes to love life, being born on a Thursday, you are very expressive and express love in a totally open way, and speak your mind without considering how other people will feel. Let’s give And this habit sometimes puts you in trouble. Although a passionate lover, you get bored easily, and thus you need to find a partner who is both adventurous and outgoing. On the friendship front, you get along well with those born under the 3rd, 21st and 30th. When it comes to secrets, you may be more inclined to share things.

how are women

Women born on Thursday are not very modern. Her ideology is definitely open but she likes to stay within the limits. Because of this, they are often considered arrogant, whereas this does not happen. But yes, their friendship does not happen with everyone. These women are also of religious nature. Their color is fair, but instead of pink color on the face, yellowness is seen.

Career and employment of people born on Thursday

Judge, Lawyer, Magistrate, Astrologer, Brahmin, Brihaspati, Religious teacher, Teacher, Sanyasi, Goldsmith, Advocacy, Stock market, Education, Business of books related to education, Business of religious books and paintings, Advocacy Manager, Social organizations, Funds Caretaker, do work related to cashier etc.

these can be problems

People born on Thursday are troubled by certain health related problems. Problems related to liver, blood, heart often trouble these people. On the other hand, people born on Thursday are more obese than other days.

The director of Hartwick College said this

According to the director of New York’s Hartwick College, all the seven days of the week are named after the planets. Like the day of the sun, the day of the moon, Thursday is related to the Norse god and planet Jupiter, also known as the day of Thor. Thursday is Jupiter’s day (Thor’s day – Thor the Norse God of Thunders is associated with Jupiter/Zeus). The royal nature of Zeus bestows optimism and good luck on a child born on Thursday.

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