Tips For Using Bleach: Do not make such mistakes while applying bleach on the face, otherwise there may be side effects


Many methods are adopted to maintain the beauty of the face. Some people go to the parlor and take beauty treatment, while some people try to bring instant glow with the help of home remedies. But keep these tips in mind while using bleach.

Many methods are adopted to maintain the beauty of the face. Many times we go to the parlor and spend thousands of rupees, so that the glow of our face remains. At the same time, many people try to bring instant glow in their home by adopting home remedies. Let us tell you that bleaching is the easiest way to get instant glow. Bleaching brings shine to the face. But if you do not take care of some things, then using it can cause side effects.

Bleach is a kind of chemical, if it is used carefully then it makes your face glowing. At the same time, due to a little carelessness, skin related problems can also occur. In such a situation, through this article, we are going to tell you about the precautions to be taken while bleaching at home. So that you can avoid the side effects caused by bleach.

wash face

Before using bleach on the face, you have to clean your face properly. If dirt remains on your face during bleaching, then its side effects can be seen.

Pay attention to layers

Please tell that bleach should always be applied in the direction of hair growth. Keep in mind that while applying bleach on the face, you can apply a thick layer on the cheeks, forehead and neck, but a thin layer should be applied on the rest of the face.

Must apply face pack

After applying bleach several times, itching, redness and irritation etc. start on the face. In this case, you should always use good quality bleach and after that apply a good quality face pack on the face. This will give coolness to your face.

don’t go out in the sun

If you have also applied bleach on your face, then keep in mind the most important thing that you should avoid going in the sun. Because going in the sun can make your skin sensitive. The UV rays of the sun can affect your skin.

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