To look the most beautiful in parties, do your makeup like this


The season of parties has begun. You must have thought of doing something different every day in this week. But have you noticed yourself, if you have not made any preparations regarding your look and makeup yet, then there is no need to worry. These tips will solve your problem in a jiffy.

Moisturize the skin: First of all, start the makeup with a primer. This will fill your fine lines, open pores and pits. Apply tinted moisturizer to moisturize your skin and as a foundation. If there are any scars on the skin, then conceal them with the help of concealer. Use pink color blush on fair face and if you are dark then peach shade blusher will look great on you. To hide both sides of the nose, cheeks bones and double chin, contour with a blush of dark brown shade. Use highlighter on cheekbones.

Eye makeup should be like this: Give a deep sexy smokey look to the eyes. Although till now smokey eye-makeup has been done only with black and grey-shades, but nowadays many colorful shades are also being used in it. Contrast the dress with bright shades like hot pink, sea-green on the top of the eyes and on the inner corner, and then smudge with black color, setting deep. Apart from this, apply gel liner on the eyes and smudge it with a brush. Applying artificial eyelashes on the eyelashes is a huge hit at this time, by applying which you can make your eyelashes look more thick and beautiful. Curl these lashes with color and apply a coat of mascara. It will give sexy and sensual look to your eyes. Instead of kajal, apply white pencil inside the eyes and smudge it by applying gel liner on the outer line, this will make the eyes look bigger.

Give a glamorous look to the lips: Keep the lips nude with a smokey look and adorn them with a bubble gum pink or peach shade. Along with this, after applying lip shade, definitely use lip plumper, because it will make lips look big and pouty.

Hair Style: If you have short hair and you want to wear western dress, then carry bob cut style. This is the perfect and evergreen haircut. In this, the long hair in the front is till the chin length and the side parting looks very attractive in it. This is a perfect hairstyle for cool, bold, slim and tall girls. Keep the hair near the forehead and on the sides long and the back hair short. For a sexy look, give a messy look to the hair and make a side bun.

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