Tomato is popular all over the world, its taste is different in different states


To some people, mentioning the flavors of tomato at this time may seem like sprinkling salt on the burnt-cuts, when its prices are swinging beyond the common man’s bus in the form of Rs 250 to 300 per kg. The irony is that there are no essential food items like tomato, flour, lentils-rice, salt-oil, wood without which we cannot survive. Scholars are unanimous that the fruit called tomato (botanists consider it as a fruit only), reached our country with the Portuguese some 500 years ago from South America, and due to its unique taste, not only our tongues, but also our heads. But also sat down. At first, tomatoes were viewed with suspicion in Europe.

Some people had the illusion that it might be poisonous, and they delayed adopting this stranger. Eventually its savory pungency and ability to color dishes made it a staple of Mediterranean, especially Italian, cuisine. Spaghetti, penne, macaroni etc. pasta cannot be imagined without tomato sauce. However, it is worth noting that Italian tomato sauce is always made fresh, and vinegar etc. is not used in it. Dry herbs enhance its taste. In pizza too, the first layer on the round big roti is of tomato paste, with which processed cheese (paneer) is combined. Tomato also plays a major role in Spanish paila (pilaf-like) and omelette. Tomatoes are freely used in the form of salads, in Turkish cuisine as well as in cooked dishes.

The sweet and sour tomato sauce adds life to the dishes called Sweet and Savor in Chinese cuisine, which are served all over the world. Tomato also reached China through the Portuguese. Before this, vinegar and sugar were used to produce sweet and sour taste. There is also an interesting information that tomato ketchup which is freely used with fish and chips, ham burger and hot dog and different types of cutlets, samosas and pakodas were also not untouched by it. That too is an invention of the Chinese. Food historians believe that it was invented by the Chinese who arrived in America in the 19th century, to get the taste of their home abroad.

Tomato flavored juice has been taken in different ways in different regions of India. In Bengal, a thick sweet chutney is prepared by adding dates and raisins, whereas in Hyderabad and Deccan, tomato paste is eaten with relish. In Purvanchal and Bihar, tomatoes are baked and chokha is made. Nowadays there is hardly any dish in Punjab in which tomato is not used. The limelight of Kashmiri Rogan Josh is born from Ratanjot. Curd is given by sourness, and there is no trace of tomato in it. But tomato is an integral part of Punjab’s Rogan Josh like butter chicken, butter paneer etc. Awadhi cooks give the name of Dulma to stuffed tomatoes. Once it used to be a favorite dish of vegetarians. Tomato, like potato, has a specialty that it easily forms an intimate relationship with vegetables and substances. That’s all for the time being till the prices of tomatoes fall.

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