Tomato Price: From today you will get cheap tomatoes, this decision taken by the central government


If you are worried about the increase in the price of tomatoes, then this news will bring happiness on your face. Yes… A big decision has been taken by the Central Government to give relief to the customers amidst the rise in the prices of tomatoes. Tomatoes are going to be sold at discounted rates in the national capital Delhi and some other cities from Friday i.e. from today, from where you can buy tomatoes at a low price and enhance the taste of home-made vegetables. Tomato comes in the category of such a vegetable, without which curry prepared in the kitchen looks incomplete. Also people use it in salads. For the last few days, it has been seen that the price of this major food product has crossed Rs 200 per kg in some cities of the country.

Recently, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs gave information regarding the said decision of the Central Government. He said that tomatoes will be sold by National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED) and National Cooperative Consumer Federation (NCCF). On the matter, Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said that tomatoes will be sold at subsidized rates in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR), Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Apart from this, work will be done to make subsidized tomatoes available to the people in Patna, Varanasi, Kanpur and Kolkata.

Tomato price will be at least 30 percent less than the market rate

Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh further said that tomatoes will be given to the people in various areas at a much lower price than the current rate. It will be at least 30 percent less than the market rate of that day. This step has been taken with the intention of giving relief to the consumers. The ministry said in a statement that both NAFED and NCCF will work to procure tomatoes from major growing centers in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra and sell it in market places where retail prices are seen rising the most in the last one month. He said that this is the first time when we will buy and sell tomatoes in retail markets. We had taken a similar step for onion when its price was skyrocketing. This is going to be a challenging task as tomatoes are a perishable commodity.

Tomatoes will be available cheap in NCCF in Delhi-NCR

It is being told that in Delhi-NCR, NCCF will sell tomatoes through its sales centers, mobile vans, successful stores of Mother Dairy and Kendriya Bhandar sales centers. In other cities, both NAFED and NCCF will sell tomatoes at subsidized rates through their respective sales centers or tie-up locally. According to Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh, till the prices come down, the sale of tomatoes at discounted rates will continue from our side so that people do not face any problem. He said that by the beginning of August, there is a possibility of softening of tomato prices.

where is the price of tomato

The ministry said that the cities where subsidized tomatoes are sold have been identified on the basis of huge increase in retail prices in the last one month. If we look at the statistics of the ministry, the average retail price of tomato in the country was Rs 111.71 per kg on Wednesday. The highest rate was Rs 203 per kg in Bathinda, Punjab, while the lowest rate was Rs 34 per kg in Bidar, Karnataka. Among the metropolitan cities, the retail price of tomatoes was the highest in Delhi at Rs 150 per kg. After this, the price was Rs 137 per kg in the business city of Mumbai, Rs 137 per kg in Kolkata and Rs 123 per kg in Chennai.

Price hike due to monsoon

Let us discuss here that tomato prices usually shoot up during the July-August and October-November periods, which are generally low production months. The rates are witnessing further rise due to supply disruption due to monsoon. The ministry said that a new crop is expected soon from Nashik district of Maharashtra, the effect of which will be seen on the price. Additional supplies are also expected from Narayangaon and Aurangabad region in August. Arrivals are also expected to start from Madhya Pradesh. It has been said by the ministry that the prices are expected to come down in the near future.

Production varies from state to state

It should be noted that tomatoes are produced in different quantities in almost all the states. The maximum production is in the southern and western regions of India, which contribute 56-58 percent to the country. Talking about Bihar and Jharkhand, after the monsoon rains, the tomato plants get spoiled, which is called extinguishing of the plant in the local language. After the spoilage of the plant, its value increases. This is because the demand remains the same but the production decreases.

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