tomato price hike side effect tomato slice disappeared from mcdonalds burger


New Delhi: As the prices of tomatoes are increasing in the market, the distance from kitchen to kitchen is increasing. After the kitchen, now tomato burgers are also keeping distance from pizza. The skyrocketing prices of tomatoes have not only affected the pocket of the common man, now its effect is visible on the producers of big companies as well. Food chain company McDonald’s has decided not to use tomatoes in some of its food products including burgers. That is, now you will see tomato tikki and onion in McDonald’s burger, but tomato slices will be missing from it. In fact, due to the rising cost of tomatoes, McDonald’s has decided not to use tomatoes in burgers and other products at some of its outlets. Is. McDonald’s India’s North and East franchisee has instructed all its outlets in this regard. However, instead of giving the price as the reason, the company has told the quality as an excuse. McDonald’s has said that due to non-availability of good quality tomatoes, they will not use tomatoes in their products for the time being. Along with McDonald’s, Burger King has also decided not to use tomatoes in its burgers. These companies said that good quality tomatoes are not available due to seasonal issue. But soon this problem will end.

Not only burgers, tomatoes have been banished from food items in restaurants and hotels as well. 10-15 percent of restaurants have stopped serving tomatoes. He says that there is no supply according to the demand, due to which good quality tomatoes are not available. Even though restaurants and food chains are making an excuse for quality, but the main reason for this is the rising cost of tomatoes.

In most parts of the country including Delhi, the price of tomato has reached Rs 160 to 200 per kg. Tomato crop has been ruined in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand due to rain. While in the plains, the tomato crop has already been damaged due to the heat. Supply has been interrupted due to rain. In such a situation, the price suddenly increased. Not only tomatoes, the prices of green vegetables are skyrocketing.

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