Tomato Price: Tomato price reached up to Rs 250, robbery somewhere, and bouncers deployed for security


nationwide Tomato The price of is not taking the name of being reduced. Rather, a continuous increase in the price is being recorded. The situation is that the price of tomato has crossed 200 in many areas of the country. In Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, tomato was sold at the highest rate of Rs 250.

Due to this the price of tomato is increasing

The biggest reason behind the rise in tomato prices across the country is said to be the heavy monsoon rains and affecting supply. Due to excessive rains, the situation of waterlogging has been created and its effect has also affected the crop. As a result, tomato prices reached the level of Rs 250 per kg in the retail markets of major cities on Saturday. Tomato prices generally increase due to low production in July-August and October-November. However, this time due to disruption in supply due to heavy monsoon rains in many states, its prices have increased.

The average price of tomato was around Rs 117 per kg.

According to government data, the all-India average price of tomato stood at around Rs 117 per kg. To provide relief to retail consumers, the central government is selling tomatoes at a discount of Rs 90 per kg in select cities like Delhi-NCR, Patna and Lucknow. The average all-India retail price of tomato stood at Rs 116.86 per kg on Saturday, while the maximum rate was Rs 250 per kg and the minimum rate was Rs 25 per kg, according to data from the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Central government selling tomatoes at concessional rate

After the huge increase in the price of tomatoes, the Modi government at the center is selling tomatoes at a discounted rate in many cities of the country. In which cooperation of many companies is also being taken. The National Cooperative Consumer Federation of India (NCCF) and the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (Nafed) are selling tomatoes at a subsidized rate through mobile vans on behalf of the Centre. In a tweet, Union Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said, apart from various parts of Delhi and Noida, the sale of tomatoes at subsidized rates started in Lucknow, Patna and Muzaffarpur from today.

Plan to sell tomatoes through 100 outlets in Delhi

NCCF plans to sell tomatoes through around 100 Kendriya Bhandar outlets in the national capital. He is in talks with Mother Dairy to sell tomatoes through 400 ‘SAFAL’ retail outlets in Delhi-NCR.

Tomato at Rs 178 per kg in Delhi

Among the metropolitan cities, tomato was priced at Rs 178 per kg in Delhi. Tomatoes were being sold at Rs 150 per kg in Mumbai and Rs 132 per kg in Chennai. The highest price of tomato was Rs 250 per kg in Hapur.

2.5 tonnes of tomatoes looted in Bengaluru

A farmer near Bengaluru had to pay for an accident with his vehicle with tomatoes. The occupants of the crashed car fled with 2.5 tonnes of tomatoes from the farmer. The windshield of the car was broken in a collision with the truck of farmer Mallesh, unable to repair it, the three people ran away with his truck loaded with tomatoes. According to the police, the incident took place near Chikkajala in Bangalore. The police have registered the case and started searching for the accused. Mallesh, a farmer from Hiriyoor in Chitradurga district, was going to Kolar by loading tomatoes in a truck last Saturday. Suddenly the truck collided with a car and the windshield of the car in which the accused were traveling was shattered.

Bouncers deployed for tomato security

Along with the increase in the price of tomatoes, more than one shocking news also came out from across the country. Recently, there was news from Uttar Pradesh that due to rising prices, a Samajwadi Party (SP) worker allegedly deployed bouncers to guard tomatoes at his vegetable shop. The soldier told that he has deployed two bouncers, so that the buyers can be prevented from being aggressive while bargaining. The SP worker had cut a ‘cake’ in the shape of a tomato on the birthday of his party president Akhilesh Yadav. Fauji said, due to the high prices of tomatoes, there were reports of heated exchanges between people while buying it. People who came to our shop also tried to do the same. When I realized enough was enough, I decided to deploy bouncers at my shop.

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