Top 10 Tourist Places Of Jharkhand: From Mccluskieganj to Chinnamastike Temple, these are the top tourist places of Jharkhand


Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand: Jharkhand is a beautiful state decorated with historical temples, beautiful mountains and beautiful waterfalls and gardens that attract tourists. This state full of natural beauty, which looks like a dream town for nature lovers, is a major tourist destination.Netarhat


Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Netarhat is a wonderful tourist place located in Latehar district of Jharkhand. Perhaps this is why Netarhat is called the pride of Jharkhand. Tourists will get a wonderful chance to interact closely with nature and its incredible wonders. Take the wonderful chance to admire the beauty of the sunset in the hills.

Tilaiya Dam

Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Tilaiya Dam is a beautiful dam located in Koderma district of Jharkhand state. Tilaiya Dam is located on the Barakar River in Jharkhand, this dam was constructed in 1953 under the DVC i.e. Damodar Valley Project. From the point of view of tourism, you will get to see green valleys and beautiful views around Tilaiya Dam.

Betla National Park

Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Betla National Park is the best option from the point of view of Jharkhand’s famous tourist place. Betla National Park, spread over several kilometers in the valleys of the mountains located in Palamu district of Jharkhand, is one of the old National Parks of India. Here you will see many wild animals like wild elephant, deer, monkey, tiger, leopard, tiger roaming in the open.

Patratu Valley

Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Patratu Valley is called Shimla of Ranchi, you can easily reach here by your two wheeler. It is situated at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Ranchi. The beautiful plains and winding jalebi-like roads here will remind you of Shimla.McLuskiganj


Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

McCluskieganj is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from Ranchi. Where does it go to Meany London, it was settled by Lieutenant McCluskey. 100 luxurious bungalows, clubs and churches were built here by taking land from Ratu’s Maharaj. McCluskieganj is situated in the middle of the forests, due to which you will feel very little heat.


Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Deoghar, a popular religious place in Jharkhand, is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples known as the Baidyanath Temple. The importance of Deoghar increases further when lakhs of devotees bring holy water here for Rudrabhishek during the month of Shravan.

Chinnamastike Temple

Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Chinnamastike Temple is situated 28 km from Ramgarh at the confluence of Bhairavi and Damodar rivers. This temple is known as Chinnamastike temple. It is believed that the person who completely surrenders to Mata Chinnamastika with a pure heart, all his wishes are fulfilled by the Goddess.

Maithon Dam

Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Maithon derives its name from “place of the mother”, which means place for the Hindu goddess Maa Kalyanshwari. It is situated on the bank of Barakar river. Maithon Dam is situated about 48 km away from the coal town of Dhanbad. It was developed in the year 1948 by Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC Ltd.).


Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Parasnath hills are a range of hills located in Giridih district of Jharkhand. The highest peak is 1350 m. It is one of the most important pilgrimage center for Jains. 20 Jain Tirthankaras attained salvation on this hill.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Top 10 Tourist Spots of Jharkhand

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary located in Jharkhand is considered to be home to a large number of wild Indian elephants. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over the densely forested slopes of the Dalma mountain range, 3,000 feet above sea level.

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