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The heartwarming trailer of Bhojpuria showman Pradeep K Sharma’s much awaited film ‘Afsar Bitiya’ is out. The trailer of the film will see the trio of actor Kunal Singh, actress Shruti Rao and Akash Singh Yadav. This film is female oriented and it is a film based on the education of daughters and the dream of her father, who wants his daughter to become an officer after being educated, but in poverty and poverty, the daughter is not in a good place on the mind of that father. What goes through the compulsion to study, has been shown very well in this film.

Trailer of Pradeep K Sharma Presented Producer Anita Sharma produced film ‘Afsar Bitiya’ has been released on youtube channel. As interesting as the story of the film is, the performance of the actors in the trailer has also been seen to bring alive the spirit of the story. We have to wait for the release of the film for how the whole film will be. At present, the trailer seems to be appealing to watch this film.

Regarding the film, Pradeep K Sharma told that “Afsar Bitiya” is different from all my films till now. Shruti Rao is in a strong role in this film. Rest of the actors have also done excellent work. Every time I try to produce such films, which raise the level of Bhojpuri cinema further. I have films like ‘Damru’, ‘Rajtilak’, ‘Litti Chokha’, ‘Aashiqui’, ‘Sabka Baap Angutha Chhap’, which I have made keeping in mind the audience of every category. All these films were different and unique from each other. Now ‘Darling’ and ‘Afsar Bitiya’ are ready, which will be released soon.

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