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internet desk, You too have not gone for a walk with your partner after marriage or have not gone for honeymoon and now the plan is being made then you must go. This is because the weather is good at this time, the rain is at its last stop and in such a situation the weather is also very pleasant, then do not delay and go to this place for a walk.


In this last month of monsoon, you can go to such a place to roam where the rains have been good and nature has changed its color in a complete way. In such a situation, you should choose Thekkady to go this time. Where people come to visit. This is a wonderful place in Kerala.

what can you see

If you are coming to Thekkady then here you will get to see Tiger Reserve. Besides, it is also a wonderful hill station. This place is situated in the middle of the forests of Kerala. Well, this place is absolutely wonderful for nature and animal lovers. In such a situation, along with roaming here, you can visit the most beautiful hill stations of Kerala.


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