Truck collides with ‘Bhagyalakshmi’ actor’s car, Akash Chaudhary is shocked by the incident


‘Bhagya Laxmi’ actor Akash Chowdhary met with an accident. His car met with an accident in Navi Mumbai. He was on his way to Lonavla for a vacation with his pet dog Hazel. During this, a truck hit his car. Although it is not a matter of concern. There is no injury to the actor. He is fine. But this incident has shaken them to the core and the car has also been badly damaged.

Both Akash Chowdhary and his dog are safe in this road accident. It is being told that after the accident, the actor reprimanded the truck driver and showed the result of his negligence. However, the driver later apologized with remorse. Hence, Akash Chowdhary did not file a police complaint against him. Later, he immediately arranged for another car and reached Lonavla to spend quality time with his dog.

The incident shocked Akash Chowdhary

During a conversation with ‘ETimes’, the actor said, ‘I found myself trapped between fear and gratitude. When the truck hit us, I didn’t know what had happened. We got out quite safely, but the incident left me shaken, restless and sleepless. On the day of the holiday, I could not sleep at night. Throughout the night, I kept thinking about what could have happened on that road. This incident made me think how unpredictable life can be.

Akash Choudhary accident

No complaint against the driver

The actor further added, ‘The road was full of heavy trucks, and the risk of accidents increases in this weather anyway. I am very grateful to God for keeping us safe. The actor revealed that after the death of Vaibhavi Upadhyay and Devraj Patel in road accidents, he is extremely scared to drive on the road. Akash said that the police immediately came and arrested the truck driver, but considering the driver’s weak financial condition, they withdrew their complaint.

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